9 Words You Need To Ban From Your Professional Vocabulary

Our digital and IRL worlds have become almost impossible to separate, and therefore our texting vocabulary sometimes makes its way into our professional world.

As young women, we already have to try twice as hard to be taken seriously in the business world; to ensure you’re being perceived in the way you want, you need to use your words skillfully and make them one of your most powerful assets.

Want to start sounding more confident and eloquent at work? Start by eliminating some of these words and phrases from your vocabulary at work

1. Like

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“This presentation was like very hard to put together.”

Now try saying that without “like”. What a difference, huh? Unfortunately, we’re very used to throwing “like” as a filler in every single sentence that comes out of our mouths, but it adds NOTHING to your statements and makes you sound young and immature.

I’m not saying we can’t “be like so over it” after 5PM but if you want to be taken seriously at work, cut this idiom from your vocabulary.

2. I’m Just

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You’re not just an assistant, or just checking in. The phrase “I’m just” makes you sound weak or inferior. Start sounding more credible and confident in professional situations and leave “just” out of your sentences.

3. Sorry

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There is nothing worse than the girl who apologizes every 5 seconds. What is she so sorry about? “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?” or “I’m sorry, can I borrow your pen?” STOP BEING SORRY. Ask your questions with #BossBabe confidence and stop being “sorry” about everything.

PS: Yes, sometimes you have to apologize for your mistakes but “I apologize for my mistake” is much stronger than “I’m sorry, my mistake”.

4. Honestly

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When you add “honestly” to a statement or when replying to a question, you give off the impression that all of your other statements or answers were not completely honest.

5. Stuff

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According to dictonary.com the definition of stuff is: the material of which anything is made.

Stuff could be anything, but it doesn’t accurately describe whatever it is you’re trying to say. “I know about Facebook dynamic ads and conversion pixels” sounds much more insightful and smart than “Oh, I know about this stuff.”

6. Always

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Always is rarely true. It’s very rare that you’ll find something that ALWAYS happens. This might come bite you in the a$$ later. Avoid always at all costs.

7. Never

never ever

Refer to Always.

8. Am I Making Sense?

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When explaining something complex or completely new, we sometimes feel the need to ask this question so the other person can reassure us that we are in fact making sense.

The thing is, asking this question makes you look like you’re not qualified to be giving this explanation. You are most likely making sense, and if the person is not understanding you, you can try explaining it in a different way.

Stop doubting yourself, be confident and ban this phrase from your vocabulary.

9. 🙂 or !

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When writing e-mails or on your office’s instant messaging, we might feel the need to show that extra excitement. A simple “I’m looking forward to it.” or “I’m excited to see the results.” will cut it. The smiley face makes you look childish, and the exclamation points might come off as a bit too intense.

Words are powerful things, babes, and they can make or break your personal brand. Rewire the way you communicate, and begin sounding and feeling more confident at your job.


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PS: Do you think we missed any phrases or words that we should be eliminating from our work vocabulary? Let us know in the comments!