Why You Need To Visit Houston’s Chinatown Right Now

Houston’s Chinatown is hurting right now y’all! Why? Due to FALSE & IGNORANT rumors. Since then, business in Chinatown has gone down by 30-90%. The places that have been hit hardest are the mom and pops; all because people choose to be ignorant. 

Chinatown restaurants and businesses are clean, have great service, they are for the most part budget-friendly and they will certainly not give you Coronavirus. 

Now, what can you do to support these businesses that are seeing less and less customers every day? It’s simple: pay them a visit! When making breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch plans, or if you’ve been meaning to go shopping or have been wanting a spa treatment, head over to Chinatown and check out these amazing places,

Niu Jiao Jian Hot Pot – an authentic Hot Pot restaurant. They only use Texas premium beef and their Yelp reviews will make you want to run over there. I’ll be visiting next week and I cannot wait!

Shabu House (9889 Bellaire Blvd) – another fabulous Hot Pot restaurant. They are BYOB!

Cafe 101 – with 2 locations, Cafe 101 is the first place offer over 100 kinds of Asian flavor teas and fresh fruit drinks. Looking for a nighttime adventure? Check out their flavored sake and sake cocktails! 

IWA Ya Teppanyaki & Sushi – find great sushi, tepanyaki and more traiditonal Japanese eats! 

Pepper Lunch – the original Japanese D-I-Y Teppan restaurant, with over 350 stores all over the world. Don’t forget to try out their signature dish, the Pepper Rice.

ShareTea – they’ve been serving Bubblicious tea since 1992. They have many locations all over the country! Check out their Chinatown location on 9889 Bellaire Blvd.

Mein – Delicious Cantonese fare in a modern, art deco setting.

Tiger Den – a Japanese Ramen and Izakaya restaurant. Tiger Den specializes in house made noodles, their broth simmers for 20 hours to create rich and flavorful bowls!

Ishin Udon – this restaurant serves creative bowls of udon, curry & Japanese-Italian fusion cuisine! A must try for adventurous foodies.

Ohn – serving traditional Korean bar food and cocktails in a funky & fun setting. Check them out for a night out with your best babes!

Toukei Izakaya – a Japanese shochu and whiskey bar offering highballs, chu-hi, sake, single malt whiskey and sake. The kitchen serves a variety of small plates designed for sharing.

Fung’s Kitchen – check this place out for weekend dim sum & fresh-from-the-tank seafood, as well as a big variety of traditional Chinese dishes.

Shabu Zone – a unique dining experience in Chinatown. Pick your ingredients and design your own shabu-shabu!

Cajun Kitchen – Viet-Cajun seafood boil lovers rejoice! Cajun Kitchen is the spot to fulfill your Cajun and Gulf seafood cravings. 

Mala Sichuan Bistro – This Chinatown classic is a must visit! Mala Sichuan is a husband and wife team delighting guests with authentic Sichuan cuisine.

My Baguettes – a family owned Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich restaurant featuring hand made, French inspired cold cut meats, pate, jambon, deboned stuffed chicken, freshly-cracked egg mayo, pickled daikon, carrots on crunchy freshly baked baguettes.

Kim Son – although they have various locations, we suggest you visit the Chinatown location of Kim Son. You’ll be delighted with their traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.

Giau Bar N Bites – a modern Asian fusion restaurant serving amazing eats and tropical cocktails.

Ocean Palace – four words for you: ALL DAY DIM SUM!

Migo Saigon Food Street – a unique Chinatown destination for the iconic street foods of Vietnam!

Tasty Point – personal hot pots y’all! Dine solo or with your boo; if you’re trying to not overeat this is the place for you. 

Chongqing Chicken Pot – a hot pot restaurant specializing in chicken pots. 

Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodle – who doesn’t love a bowl of spicy rice noodles?! 

Crawfish & noodles – Chef Rong Nguyen has been a James Beard Semifinalist in 2018 & 2019, and his cuisine has made Houston’s top 100 Restaurants in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018, & 2019. Aaaand in case you missed it, this restaurant was featured in Netlfix’s Ugly Delicious! 

Tony Thai – authentic Thai cuisine and hefty portions. Come extra hungry and get ready to eat amazing dishes from all over Thailand. 

Teatop – specializing in hot & iced teas, stop by Teatop for your favorite beverage + dessert.

Aqua S – an Instagrammers dream! Come for the ‘gram, stay for the tasty icecream. 

Lucky Palace Korean BBQ – a fantastic spot for grill-your-own Korean barbecue, bibimbop, soups & hot pot fare.

Yumcha – bubble tea in an Instagrammable space.

Xiangjiang BBQ – a great place for Chinese BBQ skewers and delicious sides.

TJ Food – a hidden gem as the Yelp reviews say, you’ll be blown away by this food truck’s dishes.

Sichuan Noodles – come here for their dan dan noodles!

Friend’s Kitchen – authentic Chinese cuisine, the menu features unique traditional dishes so you’ll be in for a fantastic foodie adventure!

Hunan Bistro – located inside Dun Huang Plaza, Hunan Bistro offers Chinese eats, served up family-style.

Mifen Prince Chinese Restaurant 花溪王 – This casual restaurant serves Guizhou rice noodle soups, dim sum, dumplings & juices.

Bao Shi Yi – this restaurant is not only committed to serving fresh, delicious Chinese food, but also making it as healthy as possible!

Lucky Bento V.I.P. Cuisine – you’ll be amazed by their authentic Fuzhou cuisine dishes.

Meet Fresh – traditional Taiwanese desserts anyone? Meet Fresh serves soft taro balls and delicate herbal jelly desserts. 

Tao Rice Roll 稻香饭团 – this casual eatery makes amazing Asian Fusion dishes. We hear the rice roll is the best in town!

Prosperous Paradise Spa – treat yourself to a day of relaxation at this wonderful spa. You’ll leave feeling like a million bucks! 

Harwin Central Market – you can literally find just about anything at Harwin Central Market. From cute, fashionable earrings and purses, to beads in bulk and even clothing! 

What are you waiting for? Start planning your Chinatown adventure in Houston now!