Why Friday Lunch at Galatoire’s is the Ultimate Experience

If having an over-the-top lunch on a Friday at Galatoire’s in New Orleans isn’t already on your bucket list, it should be. It’s well worth a half day of PTO or adding to your vacay itinerary. New Orleans is known as the greatest lunch city in the country, and the Friday lunches here certainly add a lot to that distinction. Here’s why you don’t want to miss this experience.

It’s a reason to get dressed up

Galatoire’s has always required men to wear a suit jacket and pants. Sure this may sound old-fashioned, but getting dolled up is half the fun of it. Everyone always goes the extra mile when dining here so you can expect to see lots of lewks and snap a ton of cute pics. 

new orleans galatoire's

It’s always rowdy

Historically, the main dining room at Galatoire’s was filled with businessmen winding down their weeks with boozy lunches that lasted for hours. Today, tables celebrating birthdays, having a lady’s lunch, or even in costume, who are also not planning on going back to the office, can be found lunching here on Fridays. During the most recent lunch I attended at Galatoire’s for my fiancé’s 40th birthday, we were surrounded by a table celebrating the late queen of England. They were all adorned in their British best, and even presented my fiancé with a corgi cookie! At some point, we danced through the restaurant with a second-line brass band. I’m telling you… never. a. dull. moment. And no one is in a rush. We were there for almost four hours.. so it’s no wonder things get rowdy.

You can count on timeless dishes and cocktails 

Don’t expect craft cocktails or dishes made with obscure ingredients. What Galatoire’s does well are New Orleans classics. If you stick with those you can’t go wrong. My go-to is an order (or two) of soufflé Potatoe potatoes with béarnaise sauce and the Galatoire Goute trio with shrimp remoulade, crab maison, and oysters rockefellar for the table, french 75’s on repeat, turtle soup, and the Trout Meuniére Amandine. 

The service never misses a beat 

If nothing less, the service at Galatoire’s will always make you feel like royalty. The wait staff is always circling. Given the chaos in this place on a Friday, they somehow manage to make everything look easy. You’ll never have an empty drink, or be without something to nibble on. 

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You will feel like you’ve stepped back in time

I’ve been going to Galatorie’s since I was a little girl. Back then it was always associated with a special occasion, but these days I’ll take any excuse to visit. Sure, it’s not the newest or trendiest restaurant in town, and while I love seeking out those places, Galatoire’s will never leave my list of top spots in town for a good time. Some traditions stand the test of time!