Which Mardi Gras Ball Are You?

Going to a Mardi Gras ball at least once in your life is essential to check off your official “being a New Orleanian” bucket list. Luckily for you, there’s the right fit out there for every babe. Ever wondered which one you should be adding to your itinerary? We hope this guide will help! No matter which one you are, we’ll still love you all 😉

Krewe Du Vieux

You are feminist AF and like to party. You strongly believe in freedom of speech, and were in the front lines protesting when President Trump came in town a couple of weeks ago. Get ready to spend a night with all the other most liberal peeps in the city. At last, everyone in the room understands you and your #LoveTrumpsHate antics. #SpiritAnimals. ♥️

Endymion Extravaganza Mardi Gras Ball 

You might be new to NOLA. You’re basic (nothin’ wrong with that). You want to go to a Mardi Gras ball, and the only way you can do that is by paying your way in. Hey – don’t fret. These newbie super krewes still know how to have a good time. Pack an ice chest full of bud light, grab some Popeye’s, and cross your fingers they get someone better than Carrie Underwood, or Steven Tyler this year.

MOMs Ball

You might be a bit of a stoner at heart, or even into a casual acid trip. You are the definition of the anti-traditional babe, and firmly believe that team weirdos get to party too. You also really like to be nude. Rock that #bodyconfidence girl. Careful – you’ll probably run into your friends dad eating mushrooms, or your ex’s mom nude. It won’t cramp your style though. You’ll be right there with them having an orgy in the parking lot later.

Rex Mardi Gras Ball

You are a Nola babe through and through. Your great-grandma, grandma and mama have all been a part of New Orleans high society since the beginning of time, and you’ve got the insider access fa’ life. You made your debut at one of the finest New Orleans establishments before you turned 2 -0, and you have spent many a weekend at the New Orleans Country Club. Now you geaux practice your queen wave girl!

Zulu Coronation Ball

You are the queen of culture. All your babes know they can ask you anything about Mardi history and you’ll know the answer. You’ve partied under the interstate on Claiborne. You’re in for a long ride, so buckle up babe – you’re headed all the way from Uptown to Treme. Don’t forget your coconuts!

Apocolypse Ball

You were meant to be a flower child in the 60’s. This year, you’ll be raising funds for the Tibetian refugee’s with your ticket purchase – gotta love something to make you feel good about partying. Shit’s about to get weird on the rainbow stage, but that’s how you like it.

apocolypse ball new orleans


You love nothing more than being surrounded by a posse of fabulous looking men, and being the center of attention. You also really love to dance, and crowned yourself Posh Spice back when the Spice Girls ruled the world.  If you’re lucky, you’ll run into a Glee actor, or maybe see a man strumming a golden harp. Petronius is the oldest gay Mardi Gras krewe in the city, but there are many more (full list of LGBT balls this year here).  The great thing about the gay balls is that many open to the public. All you have to do is buy a ticket, and they will welcome youwith open arms. 🌈

Krewe of Muses

You’re a yo-pro soaking up everything NOLA, and your motto is hoes before bros. You would rather hang out with your loyal AF babes then with some guy any day. You also really love crafting.

Happy Carnival babes! We hope you get the chance to dance the night away at your ball of choice in the near future. Did we miss your fave ball? Add it in the comments!