Where to Get Crawfish in New Orleans

It’s officially crawfish season down south and whether you’re a local or visiting New Orleans, it’s time to get your hands dirty babes! For New Orleanians, crawfish season is one of the most anticipated times of year. Many people purchase crawfish live to host boils in their backyards for friends and family. They can also be purchased already boiled to take out; or sit down at one of the many local restaurants or bars who regularly serve them throughout the season. Every seasoned crawfish eater knows it’s not just about the crawfish, but about all of the goodies that come with them as well like corn, potatoes, sausage, garlic and other veggies. These are some of our favorite places to eat them in the city.

Big Fisherman

Big Fisherman is our favorite place to grab already boiled crawfish to-go to enjoy at home or in the park picnic style. They also sell live crawfish by the sack if you are hosting your own boil and other delicious seafood like crabs, oysters, shrimp and fish.


Tracey’s is a fun dive in the Irish Channel mostly known for their epic St. Patricks Day block party and as a neighborhood favorite for a few casual beers. However, their crawfish and oysters at their oyster bar are some of the best in town. Tracey’s boils Thursday – Sunday.

Nola Brewing

Lot’s of local breweries will host boils during the season, but the Friday boils at NOLA Brewing is one of our favorites. It gets lit during happy hour after work on Fridays and the crawfish are delish!


Bevi Seafood Co

Bevi is a neighborhood favorite. When you arrive wait in line to order your seafood, grab a tray full and then snag a table inside or gather around one of the picnic tables outside.

Bayou Beer Garden

BBG is already one of the city’s faves for day drinking. If you are looking for more of a Sunday Funday vibe, this is definitely the place to go for your boil. They boil Thursday – Sunday during the season. Make sure to get there early and get a place in line. They also have a neighboring wine garden in case beer isn’t your jam.


Clesi’s is such a cute neighborhood vibe that feels like you are dining on your mother’s back porch. It’s mostly outdoors so it’s a great place to grab a beer and some boiled seafood on a beautiful day. They also offer a full menu with fried seafood, po-boys and more with table service.

Rouses Market

Rouses is our favorite for makin’ groceries, but their boiled crawfish are also not to be missed. They sell hot boiled crawfish ready to eat for take out and also live by the pound to boil on your own.

Whatever you do, don’t get stuck at a tourist trap where the crawfish can be low quality and overpriced.