What Your Favorite New Orleans Festival Says About You

Hogs for The Cause

Whether you made it to New Orleans through Baton Rouge post-college or straight from Texas, you are the type of gal who takes any opportunity you get to throw on your cowgirl boots and jean shorts. The cochon de lait at every corner at this fest makes you feel right at home. You’ve got no shame when it comes to eating your body weight in meat.

French Quarter Fest

You are a city girl who probably lives in a CBD or Downtown apartment, and doesn’t like the idea of getting too dirty. You do love everything about your city, NOLA, though. This fest is perfect for you because you get your fill of the best music and fest eats in Nola, but can also rock your sandals and cute hat without having to sweat your butt off thanks to the breeze from the river, and the earlier spring date than Jazz Fest. You can lay out your festival blanket on the grass, and relax without having to worry about outdoor elements getting in your way.

Jazz Fest

You’re an easy going lady through and through, and haven’t missed a jazz fest since you set foot in New Orleans. You await the day you can break out your dad’s old vintage Jazz Fest button up, and rock it all weekend without a wash. You don’t mind getting down and dirty and know it’s foolish to try and look cute at this hot, dusty sometimes muddy and rainy fest. At this rate, you are a jazz fest pro. All of your friends count on you to know where to park, be prepared with chairs to set up, and maybe even have a flask hidden in your backpack for surprise shots. Not to mention, you already know all of the eats and drinks you gotta have and where they are located.

Buku Fest

Party girl alert. You are known in your group of friends for staying up dancing until the sun comes up pretty much every weekend which is how you landed in New Orleans. Neon party paint and glow sticks are a staple in your makeup drawer. You are a ball of energy that doesn’t really GAF what people think, and nothing can kill your vibe once you get in party mode.

Strawberry Festival

A down home, girl next door type, you are probably from small town Louisiana, or a rural area elsewhere in the country. This fest reminds you of your county fair when you were a kid except with alcohol, so it’s worth the trip. Time to get strawberry turnt.

Bayou Boogaloo

Hello Ms. Mid-City. If you are doing Bayou Boogaloo right, chances are you live in the Bayou St. John or Mid-City area, and you wait all year to walk straight out your door and break out your makeshift raft or kayak to spend the day in the bayou. You spend most of your weekends strolling or porch sittin’ in your straw hat, with a beer in hand, ending up at Pal’s Lounge or Twelve Mile Limit in the evenings. You are a low maintenance, no-makeup kinda gal who enjoys the neighborhood vibe of Mid-City. You love this fest because you walk around and see everyone you know. It’s stayed local. A fair share of uptowners and downtowners will join for Boogaloo, but they are basically tourists in your world.