TV Shows We Can’t Stop Binging Right Now

Babes of our generation take “Netflix & chill” to a whole other level. We spend most of our free time taking in all that there is to do in our city, but every now and then we need a chill sesh just as bad as the next babe. On Sundays, we like to unwind with something easy to watch on Netflix or Hulu. Here are some of our faves at the moment.

Young and Hungry

We couldn’t not try out an episode of a show with a name like Young and Hungry. And, we weren’t disappointed. The main character Gabi is a food blogger, aspiring chef, and kind of a mess (aka relatable). The sitcom follows her life as she becomes the personal chef for a smoking hot tech entrepreneur. Their might be a love story following 😉 Check out all five seasons on Netflix!

The Great British Bake Off

We love eating sweet treats, and baking them, so The Great British Bake Off is a no-brainer. The show is a competition between 12 bakers to be the named the next best baker in the U.K. It’s one of our favorite reality shows because it’s educational, involves lots of chocolate and the drama is minimal compared to your average reality TV. Turns out, it’s hard to be mad around a ton of baked goods! Plus, everything said in a British accent sounds more polite. All three seasons are on Netflix.


When we first heard the description of this show, we honestly weren’t that intrigued. I mean hot women wrestling? Sounds more like man’s fantasy. We were wrong. It’s so much more than that. The story follows out-of-work actress, Ruth Wilder, on her journey to landing the perfect role. She unexpectedly ends up joining 11 other women with no wrestling experience to create an all-female wrestling show. The show highlights the struggle of being a woman in Hollywood in the 1980s #feminism. It’s a Netflix original, and currently only one season is available. We are already ready for season 2!

Friends From College

This Netflix original is just decided to to renew for a second season a couple of days ago, and we can’t wait. With an awesome cast including Keegan-Michael Key and Cobie Smulders, the show chronicles a group of friends who were a tight group in their Harvard days, and are brought back together in NYC in their forties. The show is full of complicated relationships, and their struggles to accept their adult lives as being around each other brings about a nostalgia making them all feel young again. Lot’s of drama and laughs! Season one is one Netflix.


While it may be a tad unrealistic, Younger gives all of us babes hope for the future. The main character Liza is recently divorced, and after being a stay at home mom raising her 18-year-old daughter for almost two decades, the reputation she once had in the publishing world in NYC has diminished. She finds that it’s not easy to re-enter a career in publishing as a 40 year-old woman, and eventually pretends to be 26. She lives a life where she gets everything any 26 year old would dream of: a hot boyfriend, a job at one of the top agencies, and a group of awesome girlfriends who have her back and like to party. Her life seems perfect, but living in two different worlds with such a big secret starts to slowly unravel her. Did we forget to mention Hilary Duff stars as her bestie?! Welcome back Hils! Seasons one through three are on Hulu.


This Hulu original stars a brother and sister duo who are a little uncomfortably close for some of us. Alex is a bachelor living in Los Angeles who started a dating app that got bought out from under him. You would think knowing the ‘algorithm’ to dating means you have it all figured out, but his love life is a mess. His sister Valerie and her 17-year-old daughter move into his bachelor pad after Valerie divorces her husband. The show chronicles all three of their casual dating lives and their struggle to be in normal relationships due to past life experiences. Seasons one through three are on Hulu.

What are you binging right now? Let us know in the comments!