Our 2018 Travel Wish List

We vow to be financially responsible in 2018, devoted to our jobs, friends and family. But, there’s one thing that we never stop resolving to do more of – and that’s traveling the world. You only live once, right?

The year of 2017 took us all over the globe. From Mexico City, to Asheville, Portugal, and Havana, many adventures were had and memories made. If you haven’t started making your travel wish list for 2018 yet, we’ve got your back. Check out the destinations we are fantasizing of this year. We might not make it to them all, but a girl can dream.


Santa Monica, California

We’ll be taking our yearly trek West early this year. It’s too dang cold down here in the South, and we’re craving some of that California sunshine. The Santa Monica/LA area is one that we never get tired of. I mean who doesn’t love lounging on a warm beach, and knowing that there’s a small chance you may finally run into your celebrity crush and live happily ever after? Plus, we discovered a hostel located right in the center of the city so we won’t be spending Hollywood prices to stay among the stars. More details to come soon 😉

santa Monica


Rio De Jainero, Brazil

Being New Orleans ladies, we love our fill of Carival. *Scandal alert,* we’ve heard that Rio’s Carnival might even top Nola’s. We don’t know if we are buying that, but we vow to go one year and find out for ourselves. Not to mention, the city has a lot more to it than Carnival. It’s a place of diverse landscapes including the big city, mountains and beaches with a spirit that’s contagious. Also similar to New Orleans, the party lasts all night here so we have a feeling we would fit right in.

rio de jainero


Dubrovnik, Croatia

History and beauty all in one. Beaches, picturesque mountains, European architecture, and night life. It’s no wonder, we’ve seen Croatia all over the place the past couple of years. We can’t stop thinking about the postcard-like photos we’ve seen all over the ‘gram, and we won’t until we get to see it for ourselves. Island hopping, anyone? That sounds like something we could get into.

Croatia travel

New York City, New York

Like New Orleans, New York City is never a bad idea. Except for during the winter because our Southern veins simply can’t handle temps that drop below the double digits. NYC is another one of those places we try to make it to once a year. If you want to call yourself a real foodie, you’ve got to go where the most ridiculous food trends all begin! We’ve already done the cronut and the sushiritto. But, were’ headed back for more. Some of the places, we’re most excited to hit this Spring are Black Seed Bagels, Momofuku, Pad Cakes at Pig and Khap (Pad Thai fried into cakes like a donut), and the rainbow soft swerve we’ve been seeing all over insta.

New York city


Montreal, Canada

The New York Times named New Orleans as the No. 1 travel destination for 2018, but we’ve been there done that (hah), so this year we are aiming for last years No.1  since we missed our chance in 2017. Every time we meet Canadians in our travels, we always proclaim how cool and laidback they are. Not to mentione, well cultured, as we tend to run into them all over the world. So why haven’t we been there yet ? Probably because the cold scared us away, but we are making it a point to get to this country this year. The natural wanders of Canada make gorgeous photos, and we were surprised to find out that there also is a really awesome food scene. We chose Montreal because of its interesting blend of  old world charm with a modern city.

montreal canada

Mendoza, Argentina

You probably guessed it, we are dying to check out the “The Napa Valley of Argentina.” We’ve covered lots of territory South of the border, but have yet to make it to laid back Mendoza where some of the most unique wines in the world are produced, more than just the country’s famed Malbec. What’s better than waking up with a hangover to lounge in Mendoza’s thermal pools and mud baths? For us, this vacay is all about wining, dining and relaxation, but if you get bored there’s lots of outdoor adventures to be had nearby in the Andes mountains.

argentina Mendoza


Charleston, South Carolina

Ok, so the more we’ve looked into this adorbs little town, the more we have realized how many similarities it has to New Orleans. That just makes us want to get there to check it out even more! Carriage rides, Southern charm, and the colorful homes of rainbow row? This is almost scary. We literally just need to get there now so we can meet our city’s twin sister.

Charleston South Carolina

Bali, Indonesia

I mean have you seen the photos? The Kardashians have showed their extravagant escapes here on at least two KUWTK ep’s, and we hear it’s so affordable that you will ball out in a villa for as little as $100 a night. Take us to the beach!


The good news is, the New Orleans airport is constantly adding new airlines and undergoing a huge addition. That mean more flights and better deals to chose from. It’s time to get packing babes!