The Wines We Are Drinking This Summer

The best summer wines are light, refreshing, and great for sipping any time of day. We love orange, rosé, white bubbles, and chilled reds for summer sipping.

The Palm by Whispering Angel Rose

Whispering Angel is a staple for all of us rosé lovers out there. When I saw The Palm by Whispering Angel for sale at a local retailer recently, I was immediately drawn to their cute label and lower price point than their sister wine. The Palm was light, crisp and as far as I’m concerned just as good as the OG. This will definitely be a summer staple for me.

Price: $15

Where to get it: Martin’s Wine Cellar, Total Wine

the palm rose wine

Aransat Orange Wine

If you’re following me on insta, you probably know about my orange wine obsession. I got hooked on this varietal a couple of years ago at a random wine bar in Boston. Orange wine is also known as “skin contact” wine and is made similarly to white wine except the skins are not removed from the grapes during production. It’s not super easy to find at least in New Orleans, but there are a couple of wine bars that sell it by the glass and wine stores that stock bottles. This Italian one is super drinkable and pretty affordable!

Price: $17

Where to get it: Martin’s Wine Cellar, Bacchanal, Houston Wine Merchant

summer wines

Mumm Napa Sparkling Rosé

Sometimes you just want sparkles in your rosé and this has become my go-to for those times! This brut rosé is dry and is a blend of pinot noir and chardonnay. It’s an easy-drinking high-quality bottle that won’t break the bank.

Price: $16 -$20

Where to get it: Most grocery stores with a decent wine selection. It’s way more inexpensive at Total Wine!

Vending Machine Wine Dive

If you are a red wine lover, a super light red chilled, like this 100% Granache by Vending Machine Winery is perfect for the summer! The couple who make Vending Machine wines live & work in Nola and their wine is made in Napa. They make unique affordable, natural blends. The Wine Dive is a limited release that changes with each vintage and is light, delicious & unfiltered. 

Price: $26

Where to get it: check out where you can find Vending Machine wines here. We tasted it recently at neighborhood restaurant Cavan & fell in love.

vending machine wine

Les Franches Sancerre by Pascal Jolivet

I’ve been a longtime fan of the famous French white wines from the Sancerre region of France. Sancerre is made from Sauvignon Blanc, but the flavors are so much more complex than your typical sauv blanc. I’ve converted non-white wine drinkers to white wine with this stuff. Pretty much any white Sancerre you are able to find at a local wine retailer or restaurant will do the trick. You won’t find many below the $30 mark, but believe me, it will be well worth the investment.

Price: $29.99

Where to get it: Total Wine, other wine retailers and restuarants

sancerre wines