The New Orleanians New Year’s Resolutions

Diet Until King Cake Season

We know, that gives us literally like 6 days until twelfth night, but who know when that first king cake will roll around in your office. The point is, eat healthy in between your king cakes this year, or at least for the month of January. Let king cake be your indulgence. I mean we can’t be expected to avoid it al together. It’s all about balance right?!?! Some of our favorite places to get healthy eats in town are The Daily Beet, Raw Republic and Satsuma.

daily beet new orleans

Explore a New Neighborhood

Have you been to Old Algiers? Spent an afternoon in St. Roch or Treme?  We’re all guilty of sticking to our neighborhoods and not venturing out. There’s something about the New Orleanian mentality of a 15 minute drive being so far that we’ll never see our friends who moves two neighborhoods over again. Do a tasting at Seven Three Distilling for a taste of Nola’s favorite neighborhoods at once.

Travel Somewhere New

If you haven’t heard, we are slated to have a brand new airport opening in 2019! The best part? All of the local restaurants and shops to kill time next time you have a flight delay including Midway Pizza, Cure, MoPho, Emeril’s, Shake Shack, Angelo Brocatos, Chick Fil-A, Dirty Coast & more. See the full lineup here. I mean, can we just hang out there? Check out out travel inspo in our travel section here.

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Read A Book

With the constant flood of technology, we could all stand to read more. Check out some of our favorite reads from 2018. We are also already enjoying christmas gifts, Becoming: Michelle Obama and Miss Ella of Commander’s Palace.

Eat More Seafood

This goes hand in hand with our diet ’till king cake season.😂 If you’re at a loss for what to choose on the menu on your next night out or cooking in, go for local seafood like shrimp or fish. Not only will you be supporting our local economy, but it’s healthy for you! Eating healthy isn’t an easy feat in Nola, but cutting little corners like this can help. We are going to take one extra step and try to go pescatarian for the month of January!

Briquette new orleans

Go to A Festival You Haven’t Been To

We’ve all got our favorite tried and true festivals, but it’s time to branch out and try one of the hundreds that you haven’t yet. Maybe it’s a big one, or make a point to try on of the more obscure like Marley Gras Festival, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival or even Burlesque Festival. Check out our festival hacks here before you head out!

Get Involved in Something That Inspires You

There are so many amazing causes in our city that could use help from people like you! Not only is giving back important for the well being of our community, but it’s a great way to feel fulfilled, meet new people and step out of your everyday comfort zone. Get inspired by one of our Badass babes like Denali Landner of Youth Run Nola or a young professional New Orleans organization like 504ward or Young Leadership Council.

Be More Active

The cliche, but necessary resolution. We hear that it’s good for you to be active when all we wanted to do was Netflix n’ chill. Darn! If you have trouble getting motivated try signing up for personal training sessions with a friend. If you love the feeling of setting and accomplishing a goal, sign up for one of our city’s many races.

personal training new orleans

Do Something Touristy

Sometimes we take our amazing city for granted, and even laugh at all of the touristy things people can get sucked into in New Orleans. But, sometimes this stuff can be unexpectedly fun, a way to see a new side of the city and even learn something! Take a staycation downtown and do things like getting your tarot cards read,

Party like it’s 1999 when The Saints Win (or go to) the Playoffs

We believe as much as you guys that they are going to go all the way this year, but let’s party and support our city even if they only go to the Playoffs and / or Superbowl. I mean, we always need an excuse to party #AmIRite?!? Plus, it’s so much fun when we are all so happy together guys!


Get excited for all that’s new coming to our city in 2019!

Our city is growing, and we’ve got lots to look forward to in the New Year! From the new airport to the sculpture garden expansion, guilty pleasures like Shake Shack in Metairie (sorry, not sorry🤤) to lots of exciting new additions to the food and beverage scene. 2019 is going to be our year, Nola!