The Must-Have Items to Add To Your Wedding Registry

One of my favorite parts of wedding planning was creating a wedding registry on Zola! And since I had 2 years to plan my wedding, I had lots of time to make changes and include items and cash funds that would be truly useful for us.

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We loved using Zola for many reasons,

  • It was easy to set up
  • Zola takes international credit cards and most of our family lives in Guatemala and Honduras
  • If you change your mind about a gift you can easily turn it into credits and get something else (the gift giver won’t be alerted)
  • Transferring cash funds to your account is seamless
  • You can also opt for turning a cash fund into Zola credit and you get a little bonus + 20% off code
  • It helps you keep track of who you’ve sent Thank You notes to
  • Most importantly, for 6 months after your wedding you get an automatic 20% off on items on your registry that you didn’t get.

Now let’s get into what you need to add to your registry,

Cash Funds

Many couples who already live together will opt to just doing a cash fund for their registry, however, I’ve learned that a lot of people don’t like the idea of just giving you money which is why you should provide options for them!

Adding cash funds for specific experiences (example: Dinner for 2 in Tokyo) was a great way to get cash gifts for our honeymoon, and guests were super excited about being able to gift you these experiences instead of just feeling like they gave you money.

Items in All Price Ranges

We all want to receive nice things for our wedding, but you have to keep in mind that your guests have different budgets and ideas on what they should be spending on a wedding gift. A good rule of thumb is to add items from $25 – $400+ range so everyone can select something they’re comfortable with. When adding pricier gifts, do add the option of it being a group gift!

Once you’ve added your gifts, organize them in order of your favorite most wanted gift, to the ones that you’re still thrilled to receive but not as excited as your top 5 gifts.

I am obsessed and so thankful with everything I received so far, but these are my top 10 gifts that every bride and groom should be adding to their registry,

Terra Kaffe Espresso Machine

This machine was suggested to us by a couple that got married a year ago. I cannot explain how life changing it’s been, it’s so easy to use and it self-cleans. We bought this post wedding with the 20% off Zola gives you with cash gifts we received at the wedding.

Wine Fridge

what to add to your zola wedding registry

I literally screamed when we received this. It’s a must in any adult household.

Pizza Oven

what to add to your wedding registry 2023

This one will require a bit of patience because they continue to be backordered, but omg I cannot wait to host a pizza night at my house!

Dinnerware (Casual and Elegant)

what to add to your wedding registry 2023

I had started my Villeroy & Boch Artesano collection a bit before the wedding, I added the pieces I was missing and now have a huge set for a elegant dinners. I also recommend registering for casual, every-day dinnerware.

Villeroy & Boch Flatware

what to add to your wedding registry 2023

I’m obsessed with anything this brand makes and having nice dinnerware for dinner parties is a must.

Premium Cookware

what to add to your wedding registry 2023

I received my first Le Creuset for my birthday about 5 years ago and continue to be a mega fan of the brand. I also registered for a Cuisinart set to have some variety.

Ninja Professional Blender

what to add to your wedding registry 2023

I lost my blender during my move to Houston and always wanted a Ninja. It’s one of those items that you never really need until you need it. Did someone say margaritas?

Soda Stream

what to add to your wedding registry 2023

Javi has been thrilled with his Soda Stream. He’s a regular soda drinker and you will literally never run out of soda with this device. It’s especially helpful when you’re hosting and you need soda for cocktails!

Different Types of Glassware

what to add to your wedding registry 2023

I used my registry as an opportunity to become a real adult and finally throw away all of my Bulldog glasses (NOLA people will know what I’m talking about). From wine glasses to everyday glassware, we’re so lucky to now be fully stocked for a big party!


what to add to your zola wedding registry

While not the sexiest gift, there is truly no feeling like vacuuming with a brand new vacuum. If you have dogs, you’ll be extra thankful for this gift!

Have so much fun creating your registry, babes!



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