The Best New Orleans Wedding Venues

Choosing a wedding venue is usually one of the first tasks on a newly engaged couples list, but it’s not easy, especially in New Orleans where there are so many gorgeous options to choose from! I’m rounding up my favorite venues we looked when planning our wedding, and a couple of others to make your search a little easier.


Capulet in the Bywater is an old warehouse with an industrial chick vibe and a rooftop where the ceremony or reception can be held (it’s handicap accessible for older attendees). It’s also very affordable compared to other venues.

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Hoter Peter and Paul

If you’ve ever been there, you know the great hall at Hotel Peter and Paul is beautiful and tasteful AF. However, the price to rent the space alone was one of the highest of all we looked at in the city. Keep in mind, you’ll also have to reserve a room block at the hotel. The space was a little big for the size of our wedding as well, but it would be perfect for a big wedding for the bride who wants to make a statement!

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Livaudais Hall

Livaudais Hall is one of the most beautiful and unique spaces I’ve ever seen. The outside is not much for photos, but the inside definitely compensates for that.

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Margaret Place

Margaret Place is a really cool newly renovated boutique hotel and venue in the LGD. it felt a little small for our wedding of about 150 people, but would be absolutely perfect for the trendy bride with a smaller wedding who wants a space where friends and family can be in the action all weekend. I loved the New Orleans courtyard vibe here.

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Felicity Church

This gorgeous historic church in the LGD has been beautifully renovated in the past few years. Their coordinator is extremely organized and helpful, and it felt like working with him would have been a breeze.

wedding venue felicity church

Marigny Opera House

I’d always dreamed of getting married at Marigny Opera House, but in the end decided on another place that felt like it checked more boxes for me. However, it has all of the potential for a fairy tale wedding. Fun fact: Beyonce’s sister Solange got married here!

The Balcony Ballroom

The Balcony Ballroom has been a classic wedding spot for 50 years (this year)! One of the best parts about this venue is that it requires so little planning. From the food to lighting, it’s literally a one stop shop. Plus, it’s super affordable compared to others so you can save your hard-earned money for the honeymoon or a new home!

Derbes Mansion

The Derbés Mansion is a a really cool, huge historic home in MidCity. It’s the perfect spot for a big wedding, and to host festivities all weekend long. There’s also a pool and 8 bedrooms so you and your wedding party never have to leave.

Ursuline Convent

The Ursuline Convent is the oldest building in New Orleans, and the grounds are absolutely gorgeous. One issue we had with it was that we wanted somewhere where we could do the ceremony and the reception in the same place. There’s an adjoining catholic church here, but we weren’t interested in a catholic wedding, and they wouldn’t let us do a non-catholic ceremony in the space so that was a dealbreaker. If you want a big, Catholic wedding in the French Quarter, this place really is a dream.

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Beauregard Keyes House

This was right across from Ursuline so if we would have done our reception at Ursuline we could have done a ceremony in their garden across the street. You can also use the whole house and do your reception there, but I think the garden is what’s really special about this spot.

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Race & Religious

This place really is so badass that I get the hype. It was way out of our price range, but makes for a gorgeous wedding. The only thing I don’t like about it is that instead of being one open space, it’s a maze in there which I think could affect the flow of the event.

Pitot House

Pitot House is a musuem by day, and a venue by night. It’s right on Bayou Saint John which is super cool especially if you and your partner are MidCity people! It’s also a really great price and you can basically do as much or as little as you want to it. Some people even get married on the cute little bridge that goes across the bayou then walk over to the reception!

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The Mazant

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my own wedding venue which is particularly special to me! My favorite parts about The Mazant were that we could do both the ceremony and reception there, and have most of our wedding party stay there with us all weekend. I also fell in love with the modern New Orleans style of the home.

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When it comes to New Orleans wedding venues, choosing one is not an easy task, but when you find it you will know! Good luck!