The Best Book Club Reads this Fall

My neighbor recently started a book club for some local ladies, and it’s been so much fun! Each month we choose a book and then get together to discuss the book, eat yummy apps and drink lots of wine (obvi). I’m sharing some of our recent reads here, and the themes and recipes we’ve chosen for book club along with them!

The Paris Apartment

The Paris Apartment follows the journey of Jess, who heads to Paris to crash with her journalist brother for a bit only to find him missing. The story unfolds as she tries to figure out what’s happened to him, uncovering a story he was working on and the secrets of one of the city’s most elite families along with it. The thriller is filled with lots of fun drama and keeps you guessing until the end. Plus, it’s set in Paris which you can’t go wrong with. We went with a French theme for our book club. Naturally, there were lots of cheeses, french wine, and macarons. Plus, I made these yummy ratatouille goat cheese crostinis and a friend of mine did air fryer truffle fries! Why do the French get everything so right?!

book club paris apartment

The Hop

The Hop is the story of Kate Burns, who grows up in New Zealand easing her way into her future as a sex worker. She ends up in Nevada working at America’s most prestigious brothel: The Hop, and becomes known as “Lady Lane.” She quickly becomes the most sought-after bunny at The Hop and attracts a celebrity client which turns into a huge scandal. Kate ultimately uses her newfound fame for the good of sex workers, but you’ll have to read to find out more! Our theme for this book club was everything “pink,” inspired by the mysterious “pink drink” that the girls at The Hop are always sipping. I made bright pink beet hummus and salty dog cocktails. There was also a pink pomegranate goat cheese dip & this yummy chip dip.

book club

The Family Across the Street

The Family Across the Street is the perfect spooky season thriller! The book takes place one day in a seemingly normal middle-class neighborhood in Australia. However, on this day, there’s something very wrong happening in one particular house. Nosy neighbors wonder why Katherine hasn’t taken her kids to school or left the house at all that day, and why her husband seemed to speed away in a rage the night before. You have to read it to find out what happens! We did a spooky season theme for this book club meetup. The hostess-with-the-mostess Ashley made the CUTEST fall cheese board with a pumpkin cheese ball in the middle. I did a baked brie with apricot preserves and pecans, and there was a delicious onion and apple tart. Plus we had lots of yummy sweets like these to-die pumpkin spice donuts.

The Club

We just started reading The Club for our November book, but I’m already hooked. This book was recently featured as one of Reese Witherspoon’s book club books, and honestly, we’d do anything Reese says at this point. The book is set at an exclusive club on a private island. There are rich and famous people, and there’s going to be a murder

book club the club

What are your favorite book club reads? Share in the comments.

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