5 Ways to Look Beautiful This Summer

Beautiful is certainly not something we feel when we step out of the door in the New Orleans heat. The wave of humidity instantly causes our hair to frizz, and our makeup to start sweating off. Frankly, we don’t even know how we are supposed to face people looking like this.

We’ve already talked about these all too real summer struggles here, but let’s talk about what we can do to counteract them. We’ve got to at least try and keep our dignity through the summer, right?


Mani and Pedi Game Strong

There’s nothing that makes us feel better during the summer than keeping a fresh mani and pedi. It’s one of the only things we can count on especially since we live in sandals and espadrilles this time of year. Frankly, we are hoping our mani pedis will be a distraction from the sweat dripping off of our faces. Our fave place? Southern Swings Nail Bar on Magazine Street. It’s not hard to get pampered somewhere this cute with a mimosa in hand all day long. They offer lots more than just manicures and pedicures too!

southern swing nail salon

Lash Extensions

You’ve probs heard at least one of your babes talking about getting lash extensions – they are super popular right now. Don’t get us wrong, we had our concerns, but they are SO worth it. Especially during the sweet, sweet (HUMID) summertime when even waterproof mascara feels like it’s dripping down your face. You can get the extensions as natural or extra looking as you like, and they stay on for a whole month. They are perf for a beach trip. You barely have to put on makeup when you wake up. Your s.o. will wonder why they never noticed how naturally beautiful your eyes are. Lucky for us, Wink Your Eyes, just opened up a second location in New Orleans on Canal Street.

Cute Sunglasses

From puffy eyes, to a hungover face, to covering your rbf, sunglasses are a necessity. During the summer, we don’t leave the house with at least two pairs (back up, duh). No one will question you, it’s New Orleans in the summertime! Our fave place to stock up on cute inexpensive shades is Trendz. They have a location on Magazine and the French Quarter. We bring these everywhere esp if we are going to be day drinking. We don’t feel bad if we misplace them and need to buy another because they are literally $7 a pair. If you want to splurge, Warby Parker and Krewe are your best bets. We hear Krewe just opened a beautiful new location on Magazine.

A Minimal Wardrobe

Minimal meaning wear as little as you can. This is necessary ladies. Grab work-approps tanks, and skirts and short *flowy* shorts for the weekends. I mean we are all going through the same thing, but still you don’t want armpit sweat stains flashing around, and your thighs chafing together.

A Glowing Tan

Another one of the few things we can count on during the summer, you might as well take advantage of the sunshine. Remember, this isn’t normal sunshine though. You’ll need a pool, lots of sunscreen and a cold drink to go with it if you are going to make it past ten minutes. Get yourself an obnoxious unicorn raft and hit one of the best pools in Nola for getting your tan on.