Essential Summer Beach Reads

There’s nothing better than paging through a good book on the beach. If you are headed to Florida, or somewhere exotic this summer, you’ll want to pack one of these hot summer reads in your beach bag babes. You will thank us later!

The Nest

If you think your family is dysfunctional, you will be feeling hashtag blessed at the end of this novel. The Nest tells the story of four adult siblings who have had their sights set on an inheritance to become unlocked when the youngest turns 40. When this happens, they are brought together after years only to find out that “The Nest” isn’t quite what they thought it was, and relying on it to put the pieces of their lives back together, was very shortsighted.

the nest book review

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The Casquette Girls

A dose of history, voodoo, and romance – The Casquette Girls is everything you could ask for in a summer novel. Set in an abandoned New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina, Adele has no choice but to learn about her family’s secretive past all while taking the mysterious rising post-storm murder rate into her own hands. This is an essential read for the New Orleans babe. If the eerie adventures don’t keep you turning the pages, the fact that you will recognize everywhere the novel takes you, and learn a few things about your city you didn’t know, will!

casquette girls book review

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How to Murder Your Life

Quite an alarming title we are aware, but have no fear, you will only come out of this read feeling better about your own life. The Cat Marnell memoir, takes you on a quite shit show (for lack of a better word) journey through a former beauty editor’s glamorous drug and bulimia induced life including her time partying with friends like The Fat Jew, Nev from Catfish, and an “unnamed” prominent politician’s son. The novel can be a little hard to swallow at times, but we couldn’t stop turning the pages.

how to murder your life review

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Sweet Bitter

This one is for the foodie in you babes! We all love to eat and drink, but in this book, you will get to see what it’s like to be behind the scenes at one of New York’s hottest restaurants through the perspective of a server. Of course there is lots of fine wining and dining but also lust, partying, friendships, overheard conversations and an inspiring desire to learn about the best things in life – food and wine. The story is all told through a young woman experiencing the sweet and bitter transition into adulthood.

sweet bitter book review

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These reads will keep you entertained all summer long while laying in the sand. Let us know you favorite summer reads in the comments!


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