Rosé All Day without going Broké

One of our favorite national holidays is almost here babes: National Rosé Day. Despite the country starting to open up and us spending a bit more time outside our homes, I think it’s prudent to stay conscious of your spending because we don’t know what the rest of the year holds. In my opinion, a babe that saves, is a babe that thrives! Therefore, I’ve rounded up a few budget friendly ways to #roséallday without going broké (we know broke doesn’t have an accent but it sounds so much more fab with one 😆).

Rosé + DIY Cheeseboard

Cheese is the glue that holds my life together, babes. I love a good cheeseboard, and I am obsessed with making them at home! Head over to your local grocery store (wear a mask, duh), find your favorite rosé bottle(s) and pair your cheeses accordingly. After a lot of research here is what I know about rosé + cheese pairings:

  • Fruity rosés go best with an aged goat gouda
  • Citrus-forward rosés go with a semi-firm sheep’s milk cheese
  • Sparkling rosés pair perfectly with a rich aged creamy cheese
  • Dry rosés are best when paired with a soft, ripened goat cheese
  • Pinot Noir rosés and creamy/nutty goat cheeses are a match made in heaven
  • Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet rosés should be paired with a creamy havarti
picnic at home ideas

Of course you can get all sorts of other cheeses for your board, but I suggest you pair at least 1 of your cheeses with your rosé of choice to fully enjoy both flavors!

At Home Pool Day with Rosé

Some babes are #blessed and have pools at home or apartment buildings, some of us have to get a large inflatable kiddie pool to get a tan, but either way we will rosé all day! Grab your favorite canned rosé, grill your favorite summer eats & catch some vitamin D this weekend.

at home pool day

Virtual Rosé Tasting with your Best Babes

A few weeks ago, we hosted a virtual rosé tasting with the coolest sommelier, Stephen Schmitz, and it was so much fun! Find rosés that are easy to find wherever your friends are located and host your very own tasting. If you don’t know much about wine, do some research on the different wines you’ve purchased and discuss what each of y’all is tasting in each sip. A virtual rosé tasting is a fun and safe way to hang out with all of your besties.

national rosé day ideas

At Home Rosé Pairing Dinner

I’ve always loved wine pairing dinners and I think recreating one at home would be so much fun.

Here are some fun recipes we think would go great with rosé,

national rosé day ideas

Support Local

If you live in Houston,

  • BB Lemon will be hosting a Whispering Angel pink-themed party featuring 1/2 priced bottles of rosé!
  • Camerata at Paulie’s will be offering a special flight of refreshing rosé. The flight will be available all day on Saturday, June 12th from 2 p.m. to midnight, and will feature three rare bottles of rosé — which will retail at $18 for three half-glasses.
  • Mutiny Wine Room will feature a curated 3 rosé tasting flight from lesser-known wineries in France, California and Italy. The $15 flight will be available Friday, June 12th through Sunday, June 14th.

If you live in New Orleans,

  • Delachaise‘s Happy Hour is a no brainer! $ Small Vineyard wines by the glass and $g Frosé from 12pm – 5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
  • Claret is ready for you to drink on their patio! Enjoy house wine & food specials Tue-Sat from 4pm-6pm.
  • Bacchanal‘s yard is opening this weekend (reservations required)! Visit this NOLA gem and share a bottle of rosé with your best babes while you listen to live music. They are currently offering a 10% off cases of wine, fill your case with Rosé and you’ve got yourself a mini Rosé Fest in the making!

Happy National Rosé Day, babes!