15 Top New Orleans Fears We Face Every Day

We love you so much, New Orleans, but sometimes we are a bit scared of you and your ways. From a recent trend of rooftop bars charging a cover (WTF?!) , to rodents the size of a chihuahua, there’s a lot to be feared out in The Big Easy. Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, because there are a lot of strange things we struggle with every single day,

15. Getting Hit By The Streetcar

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Does anyone really trust streetcars to stop for you?

14. Getting Shot And/Or Car-Jacked On Magazine Street

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13. Being Sober On Bourbon Street

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If you’ve ever wondered what hell must be like, just head down to Bourbon Street on a Saturday night while being completely sober.

12. Falling Into Bourbon Street Juice

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Don’t even get us started on the bro that went for a swim in those puddles.

11. Getting Caught On The Wrong Side Of The Parade

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Forget it, you’re never seeing your friends EVER AGAIN. Get new friends, start a new life.

10. Getting Hit In The Face With Mardi Gras Throws

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a Mardi Gras throw 🙋🙋

9. The Unknown Liquids That Fall From Balconies In The French Quarter

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Is it vodka? Is it a hand grenade? Is it pee? You don’t want to know, just take another shot.

8. Meter Maids

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#PettyWap 💅💅

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Evil takes a human form in petty meter maids.

7. Never Knowing If The Next Rainfall Will Mean That Your Car Is Going To Get Flooded

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Thanks, NOLA Pumps.

6. Football Season

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Will the Saints ever win a game again? JK, we fear Football Season because we literally have no idea what’s going on.

5. Cover Charges

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🙄 You can go shave your back now. 🙄

4. Only Matching On Bumble With Tourist Bros Who Are In NOLA For A Bachelor Party

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Seriously, are there any locals on that app? #ForeverAlone

3. Rent Prices Being Raised by Airbnb

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Millennial salaries aren’t going up but rent prices are. HELP US, WE’RE POOR.

2. Ridiculous Pet Deposits

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Guess we’ll be lying on our application then. 🙃🙃🙃

1. Encountering Flying Roaches, Huge Rats And Other Pests

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What are some of the top things you fear in NOLA every day? Share them with us in the comments. Stay safe, stay strong babes (drink up)!


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