The End of Summer Bucket List

We can’t believe how fast summer has flown by this year. People always say that NOLA “slows down” during the summertime. That may be the case for tourism, as people can probably think of a more pleasant climate to visit, but for locals, there is just as much fun to be had as usual!

Between Running of the Bulls, Tales of the Cocktail, Fourth of July fun and the constant new bars and restaurants begging to be ‘grammed, we’ve been getting lit all summer. If you have been locked up in the AC and are regretting missing the fun, don’t worry. There’s six weeks of sweltering hot summer (although we all know the heat will last longer) left, and lots more activities.

Dress to Impress at White Linen Night

Saturday, August 4 at 5:30 PM | 300-700 block of Julia Street 

White Linen Night is the night for New Orleanians to pretend we are posh art connoisseurs. Dress up in your cutest summer white with your babes, and you’ll be feeling fab. Be sure to coordinate your photo opp before you hit the streets. Your hair will be sticking to your neck, and your clothes soaked in sweat as soon as you hit the streets. Luckily all of the art galleries open their doors, mostly so you can see the  beautiful art, but also making AC easily accessible. You will see everyone you know including your boss here, so keep it classy until the after party. Sip on a glass of white wine while perusing the best art galleries in town, and saying “Hi, how have you been?” until you literally can’t anymore. Join us at 504ward’s White Linen Night Connections Party for an even more exclusive party.

white linen night

Eat Somewhere You Can’t Usually Afford with Coolinary

August 1 – 31 | restaurants all over the city 

If you are a total foodie like us, Coolinary is one of those #TooBlessedToBeStressed moments. I mean, when else do you get to eat multiple courses at the most boujee restaurants in town without overdrawing your checking account? This year, we are looking forward too Brigtsen’s (as usual), Madam’s Modern Kitchen + Bar at B on Canal and M Bistro at The Ritz Carlton.

Get Sloppy at Red Dress Run

Saturday, August 11 all day | French Quarter 

Find something red to wear, gather your krewe and hit the streets of the French Quarter to drink as much as you can for Red Dress Run. For the love of god, don’t wear your hair down, and don’t wear anything other than tennis shoes. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon babes, and lasting through a marathon is particularly difficult when there’s 100 degree heat and copious amounts of booze involved. Apparently, there’s actually a run associated with this event? Just kidding, there is, and it’s for charity so GEAUX, and then you won’t have as bad of a moral hangover the next day.

red dress run new orleans

Book a Trip Somewhere the Weather is Not Hot As 🔮‘s

With the addition of Airlines like British Airways, Condor, and Copa Airlines at Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport in the past year, going abroad has just become a lot more easier and affordable. We have already started booking our International itinerary for the fall, getting deals like a flight for just over $500 to London from MSY in November, and to Colombia for just over $300 at the beginning of September. With the competition, airline sales are getting us more excited than shoe sales! A quick weekend trip to Nashville? Only $100. Prepare to make your followers jealous.

travel new orleans

Find New Fabulous Friends at Southern Decadence

Every babe needs a gay bestie in their group. Southern Decadence is seriously one of the most wild, amazing weekends in the city. Nola babes are avid costumers, and the the outfits at Decadence are some of the best you will see. It’s like a gay Mardi Gras. Nola is already pretty chill about making you not feel judged, but the gays are the real queens (no pun intended) of not judging your craziness. Rainbows, heels, wigs. We can think of so many reasons to LOVE this event. It’s the perfect way to end your summer with a bang (like 🔫, not 🍑 + 🍆– or whatever you prefer, no ones judging remember?!?).

southern decadence

Well, there you have it. There’s no excuse not to have a ton of fun this summer if you haven’t already babes!