Babes Guide to New Orleans Breweries

Maybe you’re like me and you’re a girl that enjoys a cold beer over a stiff cocktail. If you are, then you’re lucky to be in New Orleans! Think about all the delicious beers that are brewed just in Louisiana alone: Abita, LA 31, Bayou Teche, Broken Wheel, Tin Roof, Chafunka, Great Raft and many more. Just within New Orleans city limits there are over 5 awesome breweries. And lucky for you, we’ve explored these 5 and we’re sharing what we’ve learned from each of these New Orleans breweries.

NOLA Brewing

Located on Tchoupitoulas, NOLA Brewing is a great spot to enjoy a brew. Not only can you enjoy one of their many local beers such as Rebirth Ale, Hopitoulas IPA, or the Irish Channel Stout on their newly expanded upstairs seating area, you can get some great eats from the Taproom as well. Enjoy a robust and dark beer like the Darkest Before The Dawn or my favorite sour Tart of Steel. Want more bang for your buck? Get the Biggest Small Beer Ever, a brew made in small batches but has a higher alcohol content. Priorities.

Fun fact: NOLA Brewing isn’t technically named for our lovely city it actually stands for New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing!

Courtyard Brewery 

Located in the Lower Garden District, Courtyard Brewery is a small spot that is putting on a lot of great brews and offering a variety of local food trucks on the premises. Take a seat in their small courtyard with bauble lights strewn through the banana trees. I really love going there after a long day at work, especially on a beautiful New Orleans fall night. They don’t offer flights at Courtyard Brewery but you can still get half pours to decide and the staff are really quick with the advice.

Urban South Brewery

The newest on this list, Urban South Brewery opened in New Orleans with a bang thanks to their involvement in Flyfest, a fun gathering at the Fly in Audubon Park. Right down the street from NOLA Brewing, New Orleans can enjoy their parade of food trucks and open warehouse along with some of the highlights from Urban South’s batches including: Holy Roller, Charming Wit and their newest Delta Momma.

Crescent City Brewhouse 

Photo By @crescentcitybrewhouse

Crescent City Brewhouse is close to this babe’s heart because I actually used to work there in college. Located in the heart of the French Quarter on Decatur and Toulouse, Crescent City Brewhouse is a nice spot to stop while you booze cruise your way through the Quarter with friends or visitors you might be hosting. My favorite part about Crescent City Brewhouse? 24 ounce beers perfect for long strolls and carriage rides.  Oh and the staff are some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

Second Line BrewIng

The Courtyard at @secondlinebrew

Let’s travel to Mid-City and check out Second Line Brewing. Located on North Bernadotte Street, Second Line Brewing is smaller than some of the other breweries on this list but it is just as enjoyable when you’re looking for craft beer and great atmosphere. Every Wednesday night is movie night in their spacious courtyard so bring a date and enjoy a cold one at Second Line.

The best part about living in New Orleans and being a beer-loving babe is that you get to enjoy it right from the source. Don’t forget to check out all of Louisiana’s breweries but luckily for the NOLA babe, you’ve got a great variety to choose from in this town.

What’s your favorite brewery in New Orleans? Tell us about it in the comment section!