New Orleans’ 10 Most Delicious Cocktails

No matter where we go, we are always in search of the perfect cocktail. It sounds like an easy task, but with an endless list of cocktail bars in the city that often offer menus chalk full of sugary drinks to appease tourists, it can be hard to narrow it down to the good stuff. When the weather warms up, there’s nothing we love more than enjoying a tasty cocktail outdoors at one of our city’s fine establishments gossiping with our babes. If the heat is unbearable, you’ll find us indoors at the bar chatting with the bartenders – also a great place to start if you are looking for a fab cocktail!


Seaworthy, 630 Carondelet St, New Orleans

It never gets old ya’ll! This flaming drink at Seaworthy is arguably the most ‘grammable drink in Nola, and tastes divine at that. We like to enjoy one of these at happy hour with a few oysters on the back patio after work if it’s not too hot.

Pineapple Pineapple

Bywater American Bistro, 2900 Chartres St, New Orleans

Even if you’re not typically an old fashioned girl, chances are you will like this rum version at Nina Compton’s new Bywater American Bistro. The highlight is the caramelized pineapple that’s torched at the bar in front of you and added as a garnish on this bev. It’s such a tasty treat when you are done with the drink! Who doesn’t like being rewarded for finishing a cocktail?

Some Like it Hot

Hot Tin, 2031 St Charles Ave, New Orleans

This concoction combines tequila, mezcal, mango, lime, cherry brandy, lime and habanero and burns so good when it goes down. It immediately makes us feel spicier! 💃🏻Plus, you can’t beat enjoying a cocktail with such an amaze view of our beautiful city on the Hot Tin rooftop. Guess we were feeling too spicy to snap a pic..

Paloma Slushie

Paloma Café, 800 Louisa St., New Orleans

Let’s talk about the frozen Paloma from trendy new Bywater spot, Paloma Café. Frozen cocktails are essential in the summertime in New Orleans, but again finding one that’s not full of sugar can be a struggle. The grapefruit in this guy cuts the sweetness. We’ve never had a frozen version of a Paloma, but this one makes us want to have one as often as possible. Not to mention, their entire cocktail and food menu is unbelievable so that helps!

Dirty Martini

 Cavan, 3607 Magazine St, New Orleans

There’s something about enjoying a dirty martini that makes us feel classy AF, and even more so at Cavan. Like, we’ve stepped into another time. We typically do a vodka martini extra dirty served up with olives. Anyone sensing a pattern of liking a snacks in our dranks? One (or two) of these after a long day is our saving grace. 🙏

Bali H’ai at The Beach

1908 at Pythian Market, 234 Loyola Ave, New Orleans

Pythian Market is bringing back history when they open this month with a delicious rum tiki drink named after the Bali Ha’i Restaurant that was once the place to be at Pontchartrain Beach. You’ve probably heard stories of your ‘rents and even grandparents partying at this place ya’ll. We got a sneak preview of this cocktail made with rum, mint pineapple, orgeat, lime and the only complaint we have is wondering why this drink ever went away!

phythian market cocktail


DTB, 8201 Oak St #1, New Orleans

O my lord. This DTB cocktail is downright dangerous because it’s so freaking good. Cathead vodka, pink peppercorn syrup, basil and grapefruit served chilled with a pink Himalayan sea salted rim makes for one of the most refreshing cocktails in the city. We could literally down 5 of these without thinking twice. Plus, it gets extra points for being pink.

A Willa Jean Frozen Cocktail

611 O’Keefe Ave, New Orleans

Last year, we were talking nonstop about the Willa frosé. Like, you probs got annoyed with us. It’s still the best frosé in the city, but their seasonal frozen cocktails have opened up a whole other window to the world of frozen dranks. In the winter, we couldn’t get enough of the frozen bourbon apple cider. We can’t wait to check out their summertime lineup. Literally every one they come up with is better than the next.

The Freshest Jalapeño Margaritas

833 Conti St, New Orleans

Again, we are wary about giving away this secret because it seems like no one knows about this mysterious hole in the wall in the quarter, Cuñada. Did we stumble into it Hogwarts style? We don’t know, but we are sure glad we did. These margs take a good 20 minutes to be made to order so make sure you order your second right when your first arrives 😉 If you would rather make your own at home, try out our recipe!

Pinky Up

Saffron Nola, 4128 Magazine St, New Orleans

Can’t get a seat at this new Indian hot spot after it was named in this year’s James Beard awards? Stand at the bar and down a few cocktail while you wait. You think you are there for the food, but the cocktail menu at Saffron is just as amazing. The pinky up with vodka, rosé, cacao, passion fruit, lime and bitters is a great one to start with as you make your way through the list.

Pro tip – be honest with your bartenders and servers about your palate. Even if it’s as simple as letting them know what other cocktails you enjoy so they can base recos on that. New Orleans bartenders are some of the most knowledgeable in the world. Cheers!