The New Orleans 10 Commandments

We all live by our own set of rules. Whether they are based off of le bible, the values our parents raised us with, or living by no rules at all, our internal guides help us make decisions both good and bad. Whatever yours may be, if you live in New Orleans, you probably do things a little differently than everyone else. And if not, you are probs looked down upon for not following the unspoken New Orleanian commandments.

Thou Shall Never Order Thys Poboy Undressed

Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Street Parking Spot

Thou Shall Not Take The Saints Name in Vain

Thou Shall ALWAYS Take Tourists Beyond Bourbon Street

Thou Shall Honor Thy Ella Brennan Forever and Ever

Photo credit: New York Times

Thou Shall Not Eat Seafood When Not in Season

Thou Shalt Not Mispronounce Tchoupitoulas

Thou Shall Order Thy Sazerac Neat

Thou Shall Not Refer to a Snoball as a Snow Cone or Shaved Ice

Thou Shall Live like A Local