Missing festival season? Here’s how to cope

Let’ be real, there’s always something going on in New Orleans (when we aren’t in Quarantine), but festival season is one of the most special times of year. I’m talking springtime festival season. The weather is finally warming up and everyone’s ready to put on their short shorts and head outdoors to day drink fest in the sunshine. From Hogs for the Cause to Fried Chicken Fest to French Quarter Festival, Bayou Boogaloo and Jazz Fest, there is something to look forward to every weekend.

I am missing festival season soooo much right now it’s painful. I think I might actually love it more than Mardi Gras?! Here are some of the things I miss most and how I plan to get a taste of them. Totally not the same, but I’m hoping this will hold me over until the Fall!

The Food

The food .. don’t even get me started. If you have been to a festival in New Orleans, you know the food isn’t like other festival food. We don’t do fried chicken on a stick and corn dogs. What you will find is crawfish made every way you can fathom, po-boys, beignets, cochon de lait, seafood stuffed everything and so much more. Everyone has their favorites that they look forward to each year. Try this crawfish bread recipe at home to get a taste of fest season.

The Music

New Orleans is a no doubt a music city. While some larger festivals like Jazz Fest bring in national acts (plz come back in the fall Lizzo), the most fun part is getting to hear all of the amazing local talent. Tune in to our favorite New Orleans songbird, Robin Barnes live streaming concerts on her Instagram and Facebook every Monday at 7PM. If you’re looking for a little dance party with your music, join the Queen Diva Big Freedia for her weekly “Friday Night Shakedown” live on Instagram and Facebook. Not to mention, our local talent really needs any support we can give them right now. Check out a full list of relief funds you can donate too to help support here.

The Sunshine

The sunshine beating down on our bare backs and legs while festing is both a blessing and a curse, but I’m finding myself missing it more than ever these days. Of course there are still plenty of ways to spend time in the sun. It’s not quite the same as standing/sitting on a blanket in front of a stage, sweaty and dusty but somehow loving every minute of it. Try laying out a blanket in your front yard or backyard to enjoy music and drinks for your next zoom or if you are comfortable going to a public space like the park or the fly (and keeping your distance from others of course), pack a picnic and head out for a few hours.

The Fest Looks

Festival season outfits are the best!! It’s hard to rationalize investing in new flowy dresses, hats and shorts right now, but if if you have your eye on something why not? You will get to wear it eventually. If money is too tight, break out your looks from previous years to help feel even more in fest mode.

The Babe Crew

I mean, you are not festing properly if you are not doing it with your babes, am I right? While there’s no replacement for being with your krewe in person, join us for lots of fun upcoming events from rosé tastings to trivia and more as part of Babes Quarantine Fest. #BabesQFest is connecting women from all over to inspire each other, share a few laughs (and drinks), learn a thing or two, and distract ourselves while we live through a pandemic! Join the Facebook group to get in on the conversation and register for free events.