7 Ways To Detox Post Mardi Gras

All over the world, people vow to eat healthier, exercise more and be better all around as soon as January 1st arrives. In New Orleans these promises take a little longer to take affect. We aren’t trying to fool ourselves! We know king cake season is right around the corner from the start of the year, and there’s no point in getting in bikini body shape just to fall back into old habits and have to start all over again.

But now, the excuses are gone babes. Carnival season has passed, and it’s time to get our butts in shape for warmer weather. Kick start your Mardi Gras detox with us!

1. Join The Big Easy Dry Out

big easy dry out

We know the party never stops in NOLA, but a break from all the alcohol may be just what your body needs after all the binging that is Mardi Gras. If we can do it so can you ! It’s only 30 days after all. The best part is, you’ll be doing something good for your liver and for humanity by raising money for charity. It’s not too late to join! Visit giveitadry.com for details. Just think – your skin will be glowing, and your wallet and heart so full when you make it through ❤️

P.S – You can “buy us drinks” here and help us raise funds for a transformative outdoor learning program for children throughout the New Orleans metro area.


2. Stretch it Out

higher power nola downtown

For whatever reason, all that parading makes your body ache. The best remedy for those aches and pains is to stretch out your limbs after all their hard work catching the best throws. Yoga at Higher Power will leave your body feeling refreshed and your mind centered and ready to get back into the swing of things.


3. Treat Yo’ Self { to New Workout Gear }

varsity sports new orleans

There’s nothing more inspiring for a babe to get sweating than new clothes to do it in. Don’t forget to shop local! Our favorite place is Varsity Sports on Magazine Street. Their staff is so friendly and helpful . One stop and they’ll have you in everything you need to feel fab while your getting fit.


4. Sweat it Out

higher power new orleans

Let’s be real – you’re body is full of toxins after binging on sugary drinks, beer and Popeye’s chicken for the past couple of weeks. Sweating helps flush these substances out of your system, and feels so good. Indoor cycling classes at Higher Power are the perfect way to break a post-partying sweat, and have fun while doing it!

5. Switch Up Your Diet

Take a break from the fried foods, and sweets now that king cake season is behind us. Although NOLA is most known for cuisine on the heavier side, there are plenty of equally delicious restaurants that offer lighter options.


Look for the Eat Fit NOLA menu at restaurants all over the city too!

6. Drop It Like A Squat

Feeling completely wiped out? Mardi Gras isn’t like a normal holiday. It’s one of those holidays where you go back to the office feeling ten times more drained than you did before they gave you those three extra vacation days.

trx new orleans

Try a TRX class at Higher Power to build your strength and endurance back up, and feel like you can take on the world again.

7. Join A Running Club

Not ready to let go of your social life or alcohol altogether? We understand! Join the fun krewe at Happy’s Running Club to get you excited to get a sweat in before you party. The group meets every Wednesday at Happy’s downtown to run a 5k followed by a few rounds of beers. We heard sometimes the dudes even wear speedos. 😜


It’s not easy committing to these goals in a city where indulgence is the norm, but guess what being healthy can be fun too, especially if you convince one of your babes to commit with you! The happy hours, Po-boys, and parades will all still be here when you are ready to reward all your hard work.

Want to join us at on our healthy journey this March? Sign up for your first 7 days of unlimited yoga, cycling, and TRX at Higher Power Nola for just $36. Follow us on social media to see where the rest of our health journey takes us around the city!