How To Throw A Virtual Baby Shower

28 is a weird age – you get wedding save-the-dates every other week and you have to get used to the fact that your friends are getting pregnant because they want to and not because they had an #oops moment!

It gets even weirder when you’re living through this during a pandemic and your friends are having to postpone their weddings, and you can’t celebrate the big moments with loved ones IRL (in-real-life)! It’s important to be adaptable and if you can’t throw a real party, you might as well throw a virtual one.

For weeks I had been trying to make plans with a friend who had just learned she was having a baby girl later this year…and then we all got quarantined. Because event planning is what I live for, I decided to reach out to our friends in common from college and throw her a virtual baby shower!

So, how do you go about throwing a virtual baby shower?

virtual baby shower decor

Reach out to the mom-to-be

Surprises are great, but for something like this you want to make sure you are planning the virtual baby shower on a date and time that works for her. If you’re planning on a theme you’ll also want to make sure she likes it – remember, this event is about her not you! Finally, you’ll have want to discuss the invite list with the mom-to-be, she should have a final say on who gets an invitation.

Create a virtual invitation and video conferencing link

Paperless Post E-Flyers are a babes xo favorite; they are easy to set up, the designs are so freakin’ cute and they are FREE (up to 50 invitations). I also created a free Zoom account to set up the video conferencing.

And because you can’t ever be too #extra, I used Canva to create a custom Zoom background for the occasion,

Ask for her baby registry

I don’t know about y’all but I have NO IDEA what a good gift for a mother-to-be/baby is. Clothing would be my first guest, but maybe she already bought tons of little outfits and needs other things. In order to make sure you + the other guests get her what she needs and likes, a baby registry is the way to go.

Wrap the presents!

When attending a regular baby shower, guests usually bring the gifts to the event venue for the mom-to-be to open them throughout the event. I wanted to have this event be as close as a regular shower as possible, therefore the guests shipped the presents to my address so I could wrap them up and deliver them to her doorstep hours before the shower.

I used kraft paper and pink ribbon to wrap up the gifts. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find big rolls of pink wrapping paper that were also affordable so kraft paper was the best alternative. This paper can be useful to wrap presents for all occasions!

virtual baby shower presents

Don’t forget about the decorations for her home

Make her home feel extra festive and get her some decorations that she or her hubby cane easily set up! These are the items I ordered on Amazon for the mom-to-be,

Baby Girl Rose Gold Ballon | $9.94

virtual baby shower ideas

DIY Tassel Party Garland | $9.99

Be sure to give her hubby detailed instructions on how to set these up!

Treat her to something sweet

Normally, I would bring my friends champagne for a special occasion…but, since she won’t be able to drink for the next few months (poor thing lol!), ask the mom-to-be what she’s been craving lately and surprise her with a few treats to make this occasion extra special. The shower was at 11:30am on a Saturday, so I brought her brunch treats from my favorite bakery in Houston, Common Bond Bistro & Bakery.

In case you were wondering, I did drink champagne in her honor!

Voil√° it’s time to shower your friend

The day is here! Sign on to the Zoom a few minutes before to make sure everything is working correctly and have the best time chatting with your babes. Try to keep your conversation topics focused on the mom-to-be and the baby, and forget about the current state of the world for a bit!


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