How to Throw a Holiday Gathering With Your Babes

There’s nothing we love more than a reason to host a party, and the holidays are the perfect excuse to get all of your best babes together for a festive evening of enjoying each other’s company, indulging in yummy eats, and of course lots of wine. We are sharing our guide of how to throw a holiday party no babe will forget this year.

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Step 1: Pick A location, Date & Time!

There are so many plenty of bars and restaurants you can gather your squad at one evening if you just don’t have the time to organize something at home. However, there’s something special about being in the comfort of someone’s home during the holidays.

If you can’t host yourself, find a babe in your krewe who loves to be the hostess with the mostest (we’ve all got that one), and ask her if she would be willing to. Chances are, she will jump at the opportunity. We love using to put together cute invites to send via e-mail to starting getting a head count.

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Step 2: Stock the bar

A key to any gathering full of cheer is the right amount of alcohol. We like to sip red wine during the colder months so we bought a case of Charles Shaw – also known as “two buck chuck”- from our local Trader Joes. They will let you combine so we did half Merlot, half Cabernet Sauvignon to ensure everyones tastebuds were pleased. There’s certainly no more affordable way to make sure everyone has enough vino to sip on throughout the festivities ($24 for the entire case!).

holiday party bar
Twinkle twinkle little star, point me to the nearest bar

We also mixed up some festive cocktails with our fave cinnamon cream rum, Chila ‘Orchata. Just combine 2 parts Chila, 2 parts peppermint schnapps, one part vodka, garnish with a peppermint and voila!

Step 3: Plan the menu

Cheese is basically the glue that holds our lives together so let’s just say we don’t do a party without an exceptional selection of cheeses. However, strolling down the cheese aisle at your local grocery can be quite stressful due to all of the choices, and of course the ability to restrain yourself from purchasing every single one.

This year, we made it easy on ourselves and scheduled an order in advance on UberEATS from Pearl Wine Co. , we had a Chef’s Selection Cheese Board delivered right to our door with a fresh Bellegarde Bakery baguette just minutes before our gathering began! They even included olives and jams to spruce up our platter.

Want your own cheese plate and/or other snacks delivered? – Download the app & use code  BEIGNETBABE10 for $10 off your first order!

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Step 4: Plan fun activities

Baking cookies together is a so much fun, and an easy activity to organize. Pick up some holiday cookie cutters, and fun sprinkles. Have your dough ready before everyone arrives so when they get there you will just lay it our and let the guests roll it, and cut it, and then decorate after baking.

You can use a simple sugar cookie recipe like this one, or if you are short on time, just buy sugar cookie dough at the grocery. No one will know the difference!

holiday cooking baking
Where there’s a wisk, there’s a way!

holiday baking

baking holidays
Baking tools also make for a great gift for your guests!
babes and beignets
Babes & Baking

White Elephant is such a fun way to bring out everyone’s competitive spirit, and to ensure everyone leaves with one really nice gift. Set a price limit in your initial party invitation so everyone spends around the same amount on a gift. We did $20 -$25. Click here for the rules to the game if you need a refresher.

white elephant
Babes Tip: Get cute gifts from local shops!

white elephant

white elephant

white elephant

Step 5: Pick Your Decor

You’ll want to dress up your party area, if you haven’t already, to get everyone in the holiday spirit, and ensure your insta pics come out as fab as you are. Our silver tree with pink ornaments, and white lights made the perfect backdrop for taking lots of cute pics.

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Babes lagniappe

Get cute party favors for everyone to take home. We bought these adorable little boxes from a local store so all of our babes could take home the cookies they baked and decorated. We stuck a fun little gift in there as well – a white and silver polka dot corkscrew – something every babe has a use for.

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This guide was used to plan an intimate (but hella fun) gathering for ten babes. Make sure you adjust quantities here to accommodate the size of your party.

Share you party planning tips in the comments. Cheers & happy holidays babes!

holiday party babes and beignets

babes and beignets

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