How to Survive the Quarantine with your Significant Other

Before COVID-19 you thought you couldn’t get enough of your significant other, even if you lived together. Back then, every minute you spent together was magical.

Now, you’re both quarantined and can only leave the house to pick up food (#supportlocalbiz). Things might be getting a little close for comfort – you work from home together, you eat every meal of the day together, you watch CNN 24/7 together, and you can’t even go to the nail salon for some quality “me time”.

Sooooo, how do you survive the quarantine of 2020 while staying happy and in love? We’ve got some ideas!

Give each other space during the work day – this is very important! Home life and work life are one at the moment; if you both stay on different sides of the house while you’re working you might actually miss each other after a few hours.

working from home tips

Clean your house – you’re about to spend a lot of time at home, babes. Having a clean house is more important than ever. Tackle the task together so it won’t feel like a burden.

Stream a workout class – YouTube + some of our favorite workout studios have plenty of online classes that you can do at home. If you’re an early bird check out 6am yoga live on Instagram here. If you don’t want to stick to a schedule check out this hiit workout on YouTube.

stay active during quarantine

Binge watch a new series – quarantine = so much time for TV! A few of our favorite TV series right now: Narcos Mexico (Netflix), Love is Blind (Netflix), High Maintenance (HBO), Modern Love (Prime). Got more recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

Go on a run or bike ride – we don’t know about y’all but this quarantine is making us extra hungry! Find ways to stay active to avoid gaining the quarantine 15. A run or bike ride with your significant other is a great way to clear your minds, burn some calories, and continue to stay distanced from other people.

Candle light dinner at home – have a cheese and charcuterie night or cook a fancy steak dinner at home (don’t forget the wine)! Cooking not your forte? Pick up take out from your favorite local restaurant. Set the mood with candles and romantic music.

Declutter – although you definitely need those couch + TV moments, you should avoid laying around as much as possible. We’ve found that the more active you both stay, the less anxious you’ll be. With nothing going on in the outside world to keep you distracted, this is the perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning! Don’t forget to donate items in good condition that you no longer need to a local Salvation Army, women’s shelter, etc.

spring cleaning during quarantine

Get drunk and have a karaoke/dance party at home – there’s nothing like a good dance or karaoke party. Make a few at home cocktails, blast your favorite music and party like you would at your favorite bar! #ProTip: don’t forget to snap a few photos or videos of your little party, it’ll be a cute memory to look back on in a few years. We also recommend you save this one for the weekend so you can still stay on a normal schedule.

Show and Tell 2.0 – Maggie’s boyfriend came up with this one and we’re very excited to try this out. Bond and laugh while you play a remixed version of show and tell: pick out an item that belongs to your significant other and ask them why they have it!

Foster a dog or cat from a local shelter – due to social distancing, many shelters and rescues are struggling to get volunteers to help them with their rescues. Help a furry friend in this time of need and have them quarantine with you! As dog owners, we’ve realized that nothing will bring you closer to your significant other than caring for another being together.

foster during quarantine

Have a picnic in your backyard – the weather is finally (somewhat) nice in the Gulf South, take advantage of the few weeks out of the year when having a picnic is actually possible. Lay out a blanket, chill some rosé & bring on the snacks!

Read a book together – book club for two! Read the same book together and discuss it over dinner or at-home brunch. Need book ideas? Check out this list!

Play board games – you’ll need mental breaks from listening to the news and binge watching shows. Check out our favorite board games on our Amazon shop.

Do some yard work – you’ve already made the inside of your home nice and clean, time to work on the outside. Yard work can be therapeutic plus it will keep you active, you will breathe fresh air and you’ll be so proud of yourself once your plants start blooming!

Have a spa day at home – stress can take a toll on your skin! Turn your home into a spa on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Pop the bubbly, put on face masks and take a bath with bath bombs! Don’t forget to play relaxing music to really set the mood. Check out this list with some of our favorite skincare products!

Watch each other’s favorite movie – let’s face it y’all, we’ll be watching a ton of TV for the next few weeks (maybe months?). Watching each other’s favorite movies will connect you both on a deeper level (he’ll finally understand all of your Mean Girls references), plus you can always turn it into a themed night!

Smoke 🍃 and tour a museum online – you know what to do! Here’s a list of 12 museums who are offering virtual tours. Don’t forget the snacks 😉

Stay safe babes, and most importantly, stay at home as much as you can! If you have more ideas on surviving this quarantine with your significant other, let us know in the comments.