How to Prevent ‘Maskne’

Before Coronavirus, a face mask was something you put on to relax and clear/moisturize your skin. These days, a face mask, is something you wear to protect yourself and others from transmission of the virus.

preventing maskne

For many of us (especially essential workers – love y’all and thank you for everything you do!), wearing a face mask is slowly but surely starting to make our skin break out! If you’ve noticed pimples, redness, or irritation around your mouth, cheeks, and jawline after wearing a face mask, you’re not alone. Maskne is the latest skincare issue we must face in order to stay (and keep others) safe.

Maskne breakouts happen when sweat, bacteria and natural skin oils get trapped on your skin while you wear a a mask. Additionally, face masks can irritate your skin when they rub against you, causing additional damage.

The good news is… can prevent maskne!

How do you prevent maskne?

Wash your mask after every use – if you’re wearing a fabric mask, you should be doing this regardless of whether you have maskne or not. Washing your mask will not only protect you from any bacteria, but it will also remove the sweat and skin oils that you’ve accumulated under it.

Wash your face! – This is something you should already be doing, babe. A gentle face cleanser is key for any babe’s skincare routine. You should wash your face twice a day (morning and nighttime) to remove any oils that can potentially clog up your pores. This is my favorite cleanser right now,

Choose your mask materials wisely – cotton fabrics are light and breathable, if you’re wearing a mask to run errands or to wear at your non-healthcare job you should definitely choose a 100% cotton mask. Of course, if you’re a healthcare worker you’ll be wearing something way different, so the other steps for prevention are extra important for your skin!

Moisturize – when your skin is dry, it’s extra susceptible. When you moisturize you not only hydrate your skin but you give your skin’s protective barrier an extra boost. To effectively moisturize, we recommend a serum + a moisturizer! Here are my favorites,

Skip the full face of make up – if you’re skin is prone to build ups and breakouts, you should avoid putting on too many products on your face when wearing a mask. Plus, you’re only gonna end up smearing half of your makeup all over your mask and that’s not a cute look. Go for a natural look, and keep the maskne far away from your skin.

I already have maskne, how do I treat it?

Disclaimer: I did plenty of research on steps and products you can take to treat maskne. Of course, I’m not a dermatologist so if your condition is worsening every day you should be consulting with a medical professional.

Don’t pop any of your breakouts – we’ve all heard this rule since we started to break out when we were teenagers. Popping or squeezing your zits will only make matters worse.

Exfoliate your skin, and don’t forget to moisturize! – skin with maskne needs extra TLC. You should wash, exfoliate and moisturize your skin with gentle products. Here are some of my favorites,

Consider the type of mask your wearing – if you’re not a healthcare professional and your mask is irritating you, make sure you switch to a breathable 100% cotton mask.

Skip the makeup – I understand you might want to hide the breakouts but applying make up won’t let your skin breathe and could end up blogging your pores more. Plus, your mask is going to cover up your breakouts anyways.

Spot-treat the breakouts – try an OTC spot treatment with a low percentage of benzoyl peroxide (between 2.5-5%) + try acne/pimple patches under your mask.

See a doctor – if nothing is helping your maskne, it’s time to see a professional! Don’t put it off, babes. It’s your face we’re talking about!

I hope you continue to stay safe and THANK YOU for wearing a mask to help flatten the curve in your area!


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