Guide to Your Healthiest Week Ever

We’re aware it’s already mid-way through the summer at this point, but if you are like us, your bikini body plan may have gone a little of course between summer vacays, and the never ending special events that New Orleanians are hashtag blessed with.

We have decided to challenge ourselves to our healthiest week yet this week right before we go on another weekend binger at the upcoming Tales of the Cocktail celebrations.

Of course we know the basics of “being healthy:” go easy on the carbs, workout, don’t binge drink, etc. But, we knew if we were going to kick our health up a notch, we needed to consult with an expert.

So, we talked to local fitness guru, Mark Berger, to give us the extra push we need to feel better about our summer bods by the end of the week. If you have dabbled in fitness in NOLA, you may have met Mark. He owns two gyms, puts on several races in the city, is President of Happy’s Running Club, an ambassador for Lululemon, and so much more! With that said, we’re pretty sure his advice is legit.

So, here’s our plan to look bikini ready (or bikini better) by the end of the week. Are you in?

Eating Right

In a new healthy eating plan, Mark recommends loading up with fruits and veggies for about three days and then starting to add lean proteins and healthy fats in for the rest of the week.

Here’s where you should be stocking up for your week:

  • The Crescent City Farmers Market is downtown on Saturdays, Uptown on Tuesdays, in the Quarter on Wednesday, and in Mid-city on Thursdays.
  • Rouses has great  fresh, local produce like greens, berries and bananas.
  • If your friends insist on going out for breakfast or brunch today, suggest cute new healthy spot, The Daily Beet. Mark suggests the Morning or Southwest Quinoa bowls with an extra egg. Yum!

Mark even shared his recipe of the week for his Black Bean “Bergers,” which we are made to help keep us on course for the days we are sticking to veggies and fruits. Check out the full recipe here!

black bean burgers

Making sure we stick to a strict diet this week is going to be what needs the most planning so that we have everything ready for the week. That means we are headed to Rouses today, and the Farmer’s Market one day this week to stock up on lots of fresh produce, protein, and healthy snacks like fruit and nuts so we can resist snacking on the bad stuff at work during the day.


Between work, social events and well, blogging, we stay pretty busy during the week, and we know you do too! That’s why we asked Mark how we can best maximize our time that we have to spend on fitness. We often wonder if we are short on time if we should be getting as much endurance in as possible, or switching it up. So, here’s what he says:

The best thing in life is balance. Whether it is social life, work, family, diet and especially working out. Changing up your routine or being able to fuse a couple disciplines together changes up the way your muscles are used and complements the other things you do in your life.
Here’s how we are going to breakdown our healthiest week in terms of exercise yet based on Mark’s advice:


We will be kick starting our week of health with whats known as the Holy Trinity (we’re not talking pepper, onion & garlic) at Higher Power in Mid-City at 5:30PM. The class mixes cycling for 30-35 minutes, HIIT strength/core for 10 minutes, and then yoga for 30-35 minutes making the best full-body workout in 90 minutes. We weren’t messing around!


Power Yoga will be our go-to on Monday to stretch all of our muscles out from the day before plus ease our case of the Mondays. As Mark puts it,

Yoga is a complement for it all by rinsing out all the toxins, recovering from being active, and to clear my mind to be ready for what’s to come!


On Tuesday, we will be joining an indoor cycling class.

I love indoor cycling to get my fix of zoning out to loud music and inspiring teachers, and SWEAT my ass off.

The key to making it through one of these classes is seriously a badass playlist that will get you pumped, which the teachers at Higher Power are never lacking in. I mean, we even did a DJ Khaled themed class last week in honor of his new album.

cycling new orleans


On Hump day, we are headed to an early morning TRX class to give our body some toning, then for an evening run down Saint Charles Avenue to get a little extra sweat in. Mark approves.

It is a balance of doing everything for me. I love TRX because you get strength, core, and high intensity intervals all in one class. I love to run through different parks in the city, around Bayou St. John, or down the street car line.


On Thursday, we are back to the mat to recover from all of our hard work! Don’t be fooled though, we still sweat just as much as in any cycling class at HP’s power yoga, but at the same time we get a chance to relax our minds and bodies.

Yoga is a complement for it all by rinsing out all the toxins, recovering from being active, and to clear my mind to be ready for what’s to come!


On Friday, we are back to cycling to sweat out any leftover toxins before the weekend. Detox, then retox is how we do it babes!

healthy week


Saturday is rest day post TOTC Friday night!

If you are joining us on this journey, check out Higher Power’s new client special. If you’ve never been, it’s just $36 for your first week of unlimited classes in 7 consecutive days. The mix of classes, indoor cycling, power yoga and TRX provide the perfect combination to work out every single part of your body. Plus, you won’t get bored with their high energy teachers (who have amazing playlists), and the sheer variety you will be exposed to each day.

A Balanced Mind

OK, so we know what you’re thinking. Your already stressing over the amount of energy you feel like you will have to put into such a strict workout and diet plan for the week, and how could you possibly fit in anything else?!? It’s just as important to make sure your mind is balanced babes. Paying some attention to this will ensure you are giving off positive vibes all week (and looking great).

The quarter life crisis is SO real. The “what am I doing with my life” thoughts in our mind seem to be constant and unfortunately can leave us mid-late twenty something feeling burnt out and negative.

A good friend sent us a gratitude journal, and as silly as it sounds, we have found this practice to be rather comforting. It’s simple, grab yourself one of these cute little journals on Amazon, or just use whatever you have lying around, and take the time a couple of times a week to really think about and take note of the things you are grateful for.

Ok babes, time to get inspired. We got this! Comment below with any other tips you have for a healthy week.