The 7 Hangover Coping Methods

We’ve all been there, or maybe you’re new here and this is your first time. Either way, there’s really no hangover worse than a NOLA hangover. Why? Because, we do everything in excess here. Our drinking habits range from downing a sugary hurricane while showing visitors the French Quarter to classing it up with a Sazerac (literally straight alcohol), to locally brewed beers and everything in between.

Plus, New Orleanians are pushers, and it’s hard to say no to people whose joie de vivre radiates to everyone around them. That means, there will be shots between those drinks, and you will probably be talked into taking most of them. It’s rude to say no, right?

Disclosure: no one is a super human babes. Drink a water every now and then, and sweat out the calories on the dance floor!

There are several ways New Orleans babes approach curing a hangover from hell. Which route you choose is up to you, but here’s a few common coping methods if you just can’t make up your mind about how to spend this lovely morning after.

The Keep it Going Method

This is the classic type of recovery the pusher will encourage. If you’re not ready to get into a midday black out again, you may want to turn this person on do not disturb for the day. If you’re gung-ho about forgetting your responsibilities for another 24 hours, go for it! The best way to get started is waking up, and immediately heading to a boozy brunch with friends. Check out our this definitive guide to bottomless brunching here.

The Health Nut: Sweat it Out Method

We all have that friend who is an overachiever at everything in life. When you wake up in total zombie mode with a headache that feels like you got hit by a streetcar, this friend is all like “c’mon, let’s go for a run, followed by hot yoga and green juice.” If you can muster up the courage to face the sunlight and cure your hangover this way, kudos to you! We will admit the few times we have resorted to this method, our bodies have thanked us. Check out some of our favorite detox methods for when we are feeling super extra here.

The Self-Loathing Method

Often this is preceded by waking up feeling the need to apologize to your group from last night, and everyone you texted. The apologies will be followed by you spending the day curled up in a ball hating yourself promising anyone you speak to that you are “never drinking again.” Don’t beat yourself up too much, babes – we’re sure you were just having some good old fashioned fun!

Eat Till’ You Pass Out Method

Well this isn’t a hard one to accomplish considering we live in one of the best food city’s in the world, not to mention one that applauds overindulgence. This often goes hand in hand with the self-loathing method, and is a great option if your body literally isn’t capable of doing anything else. Check out some of our fave hangover foods here. The beauty of this particular list is that all these places are on Postmates so if you cannot move from the couch or your bed, you barely have to, except to answer the door.

Be a Hot, Sweaty Miserable Tourist Method

Especially if you are just visiting town, it’s time for you to bounce back and walk around the hot muggy streets pretending to take in our (what can seem raunchy when hungover) culture. Put on those big sunglasses, perhaps a large hat to hide the dark circles and regrets on your face, and hit the French Quarter.

Socialize While Dying Method

When you’re too anxious to be alone while thinking about having to face reality again soon, but also don’t want to binge again, your best bet is to get together a group of friends to lay on a blanket at The Fly with. Sometimes it’s nice not to be alone when you are literally dying. Lay out a blanket, doze off for a bit, talk about all the BS that went down last night, and bitch to each other about who has the worst case of the #SundayScaries.

Get Your Shit Together Method

When you wake up full of regrets, you don’t have to spend your day in self-loathing mode. Perhaps the least exciting method for curing a hangover, getting your shit together can be a struggle but feel good at the same time. Do your laundry, wash your hair, call mom, head to Rouses to get groceries for the week, and maybe even wash your sheets. You can officially crown yourself a weekend warrior if you are able to accomplish all of this after a night or two of heavy drinking. Being able to power through one of these routines amidst a hangover is also a sign of adult-ing like a boss in our opinion.

Whether partying in our fine city is worth the consequences is up to you babes, but we tend to think it is. Even if you don’t, chances are it’s going to happen every now and then;) Share your ultimate NOLA hangover cures in the comments.