On the Seafood Diet at GW Fins

We are pretty much always on the seafood diet (we see food, we eat itπŸ˜‚), but with October being National Seafood Month, we are paying special attention to celebrating (aka: eating) all of the glorious seafood we are so lucky have available to us in this city. That’s why we headed to GW Fins to treat ourselves to a seafood feast.

GW Fins is one of the most special seafood restaurants in the city. Chef/Owner Tenney Flynn and Executive Chef Michael Nelson locate the highest quality fish from all parts of the world, and change the menu daily based on the freshest fish available. Their theory to not waste any part of the fish results in inventive dishes using parts of the fish that are usually discarded, that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are some of our favorite dishes from one of New Orleans best seafood restaurants.

Tempura Fin Wings

Made with fish necks, these are fried up, coated in a Korean glaze and served over a crispy noodle salad.

Fried Soft Shell Crab

There’s something about soft shell crab that makes us feel not an ounce of guilt that it’s fried. Served topped with toasted cashews and brown butter, this was the best soft shell crab we have ever had.

Firecracker Tuna Tacos

These tuna tacos are a dream come true. Sushi in taco form? Yes, please! They are topped with ginger slaw, an avocado aioli, and wasabi caviar.

Crispy Pork Belly

Ok, so GW Fins is all about the seafood, but that doesn’t mean that the non-seafood items are the menu aren’t just as phenomenal. We had to give this crisped pork belly with compressed watermelon and ginger slaw a try, and we did not regret it! The pork belly was not as fatty as some can be, and the flavors complemented each other so well.

Monkfish Liver Bahn Mi Bruschetta

Chef Michael even shared this off menu item with us – something the kitchen staff likes to snack on regularly. You don’t typically hear about people eating fish liver, but when he saw the liver of a monkfish, he knew it would be different. The dish is a little intimidating, but SO worth it. If you ask nicely, maybe they will be kind enough to share some with you πŸ˜‰

Local Drum

When we heard that this fish was coated in chicken cracklin’ crust, we were sold! The Served with white sweet potatoes, Shiitakes, pecans, and brown butter, this entire dish was literally melt in your mouth.


There’s a reason GW Fins is known for this dish. This is the only place you will find Halibut and scallops combined into one delicious filet of fish. Served over a lobster risotto, snow peas, and pea shoot butter, we think this dish remains our favorite item on the menu. We can’t help ourselves!

Dessert time πŸ˜

We always leave room for dessert! Chef Michael really went above and beyond with these. We tried the Samoa (yes, like the Girl Scout cookie) made with coconut sorbet, chocolate shell, coconut shortbread, and a caramel drizzle; the chocolate mousse bombe; white chocolate bread pudding; and the show-stealer, the Salty Malty Ice Cream Pie. Chef Michael really couldn’t have described this pie in any better way. As he put it, “you know there’s something amazing in your mouth, but you can’t describe it.” We haven’t been able to stop thinking about this pie. 



GW Fins is the perfect place to get your seafood (and other delicious things) fix. We are already planning our next trip back!