Guide to a Perfect Cabo Bachelorette Party

In late January, myself and 11 of my favorite babes headed to Cabo San Lucas for a wild weekend before I tied the knot. Our krewe was coming from all over so choosing a place that was easy to get to for everyone was kind of out of the question. From beautiful beaches, to dining and nightlife, Cabo was the perfect destination for a bachelorette. Here are some of my tips for the perfect bachelorette in Cabo.

Work with a Bachelorette Planner

After Alessandra worked with planning company Jetset Bachelorette for her bach, I decided to do the same to take some of the stress out of planning. This was definitely the way to go especially for a group of this size. Having already planned parties in Cabo, they knew the ropes better than us. Jetset took care of booking a house for our group, a boat day, transportation to and from the airport, and stocked our house with a few groceries. They also provided an itinerary and offered a payment plan so we each payed for the package in 4 installments rather than all at once which we all found super helpful. The house we stayed in also had someone we could call to assist with anything from restocking water and booze to figuring where to order pizzas from nearby. Plus, look at those views!!

Plan a Theme Night

I find lots of the themed and matching bachelorette stuff a little corny, but a dress up night where each girl can make it their own?! Sign me up! The disco cowgirl theme has definitely been popular as of late, and we had so much fun with it! Everyone put together their own look, and we all rocked a Blingdana to tie it together. Quick shoutout to my good friend Kate who started Blingdana & is killing it!! They seriously add so much fun to any celebration. Shop them here. Shop my full disco cowgirl look here.

Book a Boat Day

I think most of us agreed that the boat day was the highlight of the trip. Whether or not you work with a planner, you cannot skip the beautiful views that you will see of the Baja Peninsula from a boat. Not only will you get a closer look at the famous arch rock formations where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, but you may even see some wildlife. The absolute highlight of our trip was spotting several whales while on our boat trip!

cabo bachelorette

Visit A Day Club

Visiting a day club is a must in Cabo! Preferably one with beach access. There are so many fun spots to lounge in a cabana, day drink and wade in the waves. We randomly ended up at Corazon Cabo on Friday, and had such a blast! On Sunday, we brunched at Bagatelle, and then partied on their beach all afternoon. Not going to lie, we thought Bagatelle would be more party vibes, and it was kind of dead. Not sure if it was just the season when we visited, but either way we made our own party!

And a Raunchy Night Club

I said I wouldn’t do it, but let me tell ya, ignoring the call of El Squid Roe is just not easy! Squid Roe is one of the most popular tourist bars in Cabo, but it’s impossible not to have a good time. Our group danced the night away on our own private stage overlooking the bar. There were flaming tequila bottles, there were shots. What could go wrong?!

Eat a Delicious Meal

The only reason this is singular is because the reality is it’s hard to get to nice restaurants on a bachelorette party. Not only because of traveling with a larger group, but also because they are typically an absolute shit show (in a fun way 😉). With that said, I think if you have at least one nice meal, you are winning. Since we had a smaller group on Thursday, we ventured to Manta, the restaurant inside of the beautiful Cape, Thompson Hotel. The Hotel is absolutely stunning, and really cool to see itself. The restaurant was also beautiful and delicious. Other than that, we had dinner one night at Edith’s, did lunch beachside at Corazon, brunch at Bagatelle, and ordered lots of Uber Eats (bc drunk bishes🤣).