🏈 Your Guide to Pretending to Care About Football 🏈

Football season is a reality that southern babes, in particular, cannot escape. If you’re like us, you have a love/hate relationship with it. Game days give us an excuse to dress up like in sporty spice attire we wouldn’t rock any other time, and yet another reason to drink in the middle of the day and yell in the streets like crazy people. On the down side, you have to pretend like you understand (and care) about all the nonsense people around you are talking about.

Yes, we want the Saints and the LSU Tigers to win because we have Louisiana pride and all that, but we don’t really give AF which player scored the winning touchdown, unless of course he’s got the smile of 2017’s Kenny Vacaro. 😍

saints football season

Here’s how to be the ultimate football season babe without having to know what words like end zone and defensive tackle mean.

Learn a little lingo

You don’t need to know the full vocabulary, but it can be fun to high five people in the bar, even if you don’t know why you are doing it. We are talking basics here. For nola babes, that means knowing phrases like “Who Dat,” and the little “ba ba bah bah, geaux tigers” jingle that the band plays when something good happens. This also includes picking a player. All the bros and babes will be talking about the hottest players of the season on your team, and you need to pick the one you are going to be obsessed with this season.

Rock a cute outfit for your team

Dressing for the occasion is the most fun part. There are tons of local shops that have cute fan girl gear to match your style. We love the selection from Jean Therapy and The Elizabeth Chronicles. If you want to be super basic, splurge for an oversized jersey of your fave player on the team.

Choose your football season booze

We’re not saying you have to ditch vodka sodas and wine for the entirety of football season, or god forbid, drink something obnoxious like bud light. But, if you want to look like a totally down football babe, at least start with beer. Choose a tasty local beer  like Abita Purple Haze, which according to Huffington Post is one of the 10 healthiest beers. If you start bloating and must switch to liquor, make a screwdriver or a bloody mary.

saints football

Know where to “watch”

If a bro asks you to watch the game field side or in one of those glass boxes, do it. There is always free booze and snacks in these VIP areas, plus you will get a super great pic for the insta. Other than that, unless you want hot beer and sweat dripped all over you, the best place to pretend to watch the game is in a local dive bar. Check out our list of best Saints game bars here that are guaranteed to be filled to the brim with obnoxious bros.

Other than that, your job is simple. Just drink as much as you usually do, and try not to be too upset when your Sunday brunches get replaced by Sunday game days.