Chic Dining Meets Small-Town Charm at Oxlot 9

If you followed Babes on our whirlwind 24-hour Northshore Getaway earlier this Summer, you know we found no shortage of incredible eats to indulge in.

From brunching at Meribo and getting frosé fix at Lola, to trying every new brew at Abita’s tap room, the Northshore has us pretty convinced its dining scene is right on par with its Southshore sister.

While our waist lines weren’t too happy with our cross-Causeway culinary pilgrimage, our taste buds definitely had a ball – especially when we made it to our dinner destination: Ox lot 9.

oxlot 9 dining north shore

Tucked inside the gorgeously charming Southern Hotel in downtown Covington, Ox lot 9 is a culinary retreat on its own. A rustic menu full of Louisiana and French-inspired dishes is the signature theme of the restaurant.

Don’t let the upscale bar and glamorous hotel location fool you though. Former Commander’s Palace alum, Chef Jeffrey Hansel impresses with a smart, yet unfussy menu of new Southern classics that highlight the very best of Louisiana cuisine.

Covington best dining oxlot 9

A refreshing yellowfin tuna crudo in a white soy vinaigrette, fried frog legs, a crispy brussel sprout salad and a seriously indulgent soft-shell crawfish caprese were the perfect first bites to kick-off our girlfriend date-night, with wine of course. Lots of wine.

north shore dining oxlot 9

frog legs oxlot 9

From there we moved on to entrees, choosing from a hearty menu of seafood and game dishes that rotates seasonally. Seared puppy drum, roasted chicken & dumpling, crispy pompano and pan-fried stuffed rabbit all made their way to the table.

north shore dining oxlot 9

A unanimous favorite included an enormous portion of rabbit, wrapped Cordon Bleu-style with tasso and house mozzarella, pan fried to golden perfection.

We enjoyed Ox lot 9 so much, we can’t wait to go back and explore the rest of the menu. Whether it’s a ladies night out with your favorite girl gang or a date night with bae, we suggest making this chic small-town eatery a part of your Northshore dining must-do’s.

oxlot 9 best covington dining

Babes Tip: After dinner be sure to head to the hotel’s fabulous bar and enjoy after-dinner cocktails and mingling.

Covington southern hotel best cocktails

Till next time Ox lot 9!

Alyssa, Contributor

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