7 Crawfish Eats To Get Excited About this Season

Rejoice! Crawfish season is here, but boiled crawfish aren’t the only thing to get excited about. When this time of the year rolls around, we are thinking about everything crawfish. Especially those dishes that only make an annual appearance for festival season. Praise to the crawfish gods that crawfish and fest season collide each year. 🙏 Their rarity (and deliciousness) make these dishes worth waiting for.

Crawfish Strudel

Where to get it: Jazz & Heritage Festival

Gooey cheese and crawfish in a warm crispy puffed pastry ? You can’t go wrong with these. We gotta have one every year!

Crawfish Etoufee Empanada

Where to get it: Empanola at St. Roch or Auction House Market

The new Auction House Market is the place to be right now. Sip a cocktail or a glass of wine at the stunning bar, and do yourself a favor and get a warm baked etoufee empanada while you’re at it! Droooool.

crawfish empanada

Crawfish & Goat Cheese Crepes

Where to get it: French Quarter Festival

These savory crepes from Muriel’s are an unexpected, but scrumptious way to eat crawfish at French Quarter Fest without making too much of a smelly mess. They are usually located in Jackson Square not too far from their namesake. If you don’t get them at the fest, the restaurant also serves them!

crawfish crepe

Crawfish Pie

Where to get it: Big Fisherman

The crawfish pies from Big Fisherman are our guilty pleasure. We will fill you in on a little secret: sometimes we stop in just to grab one as a “snack” when strolling down magazine, and we alwayssss gotta get one if we are stopping to pick up boiled.


Crawfish Bread

Where to Get it: Jazz & Heritage Festival

Jazz Fest may be getting all the attention here, but they just have so dang many delicious renditions of crawfish, we can’t help it. Crawfish bread is our ride or die. We have been getting this stuff every jazz fest since we were kids so why stop now? So many carbs, and cheese and crawfish, but sooo worth it. If you can’t fit it in, this is one of those jazz fest eats that easy to take to go in your purse and is just as good later that night.

crawfish bread

Crawfish Bisque

Where to Get it: Commander’s Palace

The crawfish bisque at Commander’s is prepared differently than anywhere else. It’s more of a creamy foundation rather than a brown one, but we are all about it. If you can’t tell we really like cream, and crawfish. They usually add it to the menu this time of year.

Crawfish Enchiladas

Where to get it: Jazz & Heritage Festival

Combine crawfish with Mexican food, and you can only imagine the result. These things are so darn good. We only wish they were on a menu permanently somewhere.

Don’t forget to enjoy your fair share of boiled too. There’s just nothing like it. You’ve got lots of eating to do babes!