Is CBD Right for You?

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Ok babes, we have all been hearing a lot about CBD as of late. Shops with different product lines have been popping up everywhere we turn our heads, social media ads filling our feeds and friends raving about the positive effects CBD has had on their lives. It’s impossible not to be curious about it, but we have so many questions. What exactly is it?  What are the different types and uses for the products? Is it for me? We decided to find out for ourselves. 

It’s not easy to navigate the world of CBD and to understand which products you can really trust. The products aren’t inexpensive either so choosing wisely is that much more important. 

When we heard about a new pure, organic line of CBD based in New Orleans called Crescent Canna, we knew this was the right fit for us to invest in. The Crescent Canna  team is made up of cannabis industry experts from across the country with a deep knowledge of all things CBD including the source of all ingredients used in their small-batch manufactured products. You probably know by now that CBD does not contain THC and thus, does not get you “high.” CBD is a component of cannabis (or marijuana) along with THC, but interacts with your body in a different way. 

cbd oil reviews

We tested three different Crescent Canna products for a three week period, which the experts informed us is about the amount of time it takes to truly feel the full effect of the products. We  are sharing our real experiences with each one. 

The first was one of the most popular products, the 1000mg CBD drops (also known as “tinctures”). This is the liquid oil form of CBD that is taken by filling the dropper to your desired dosage level and absorbing the liquid under your tongue.  It can also be mixed into a beverage like hot tea or even taken on food. The oils come in four different flavors: strawberry, mandarin lime, peppermint and unflavored. Our preference was the peppermint and unflavored. Crescent Canna oils also come in 500 mg dosages and 2000 mg doses. 

Maggie’s Experience with CBD tincture

When I first started testing the oil, I was anxious about it making me sleepy or lethargic, especially during the day when needing to perform at work so I started with just half of the 1000 mg dropper (500 mg). I quickly realized that the full 1000 mg was going to be the go-to for me. Keep in mind, this is different for everyone. Overall, the oil definitely made me more “chill,” relaxed and less anxious. I really noticed the effects in several instances,

I slept really well and I also fell asleep quicker. Full disclosure, I do already take a prescription medication to aid sleep. However, it takes about an hour to kick in and doesn’t always do the trick especially during times of high anxiety. I’m not the type of person who can just lay down and fall asleep. I need to commit to disconnecting and winding down for a solid hour before feeling relaxed enough to close my eyes. This usually means I get in bed an hour before I would like to actually go to sleep and read until my eyes finally shut.  When taking 1000 mg of CBD before bed time, I was falling asleep much quicker which means I have been getting SO much more sleep and feeling really rested in the morning. I’ve also felt like I sleep more soundly, without waking up throughout the night. GAME CHANGER. It’s safe to say I’ll be keeping CBD by my bed side from now on. 

It helped quiet the “voices” in my head during yoga. I was a little skeptical to take this before a yoga class. I do heated power yoga so it’s a pretty intense workout and being sleepy for the classes would not help performance. What does help is clearing your mind, focusing on what you are doing in class and actually breathing. I struggle with that, especially during the weekdays when I go straight from work to the studio and still have a lot on my mind. I find myself checking off to-do lists in my head instead of focusing on breath. I decided to try the full 1000 mg before yoga and am so glad I did. It’s just enough to take the edge off and truly be able to breathe and get the most out of my practice. 

It helped with hangover anxiety / “Sunday Scaries”. We all know that feeling of increased anxiety when we’ve had too much to drink the previous night. My heart beats a little faster, my body feels overheated and my thoughts are racing. I start to get anxious about the week ahead and the realization that it’s time to get a lot of shit done. I’m not gonna lie I settled on a one and a half droppers full, working best for me to help with the Sunday scaries. This helped so much with a feeling that really is so uncomfortable and so hard to do anything about. I found myself more able to focus on the day at hand instead of wallowing in what was ahead. This actually led me to engage less in destructive behavior like drinking too much at brunch to ease the anxiety. 

cbd for hangovers

Alessandra’s Experience with CBD tincture

This is not my first time trying CBD oil, but it was my first time trying out the Crescent Canna brand! The first CBD oil I tried was 250mg and didn’t taste great (it had the taste of marijuana – yuck).  I wasn’t a fan so I was very excited to try something completely different with flavors and a different dosage. 

I am not a very anxious person (except when I’m hungover), but I do have trouble sleeping due to chronic pain on my right joints, especially my shoulder. Traditional medicine has not been very helpful with my joint issues (I’ve gone to many orthopedic surgeons, I’ve tried physical therapy, and I’m scared of taking pain medications because they can be addictive), so this year I made it my mission to try other methods.

I wanted my new routines to complement each other so before starting to take Crescent Canna CBD oil regularly, I consulted with Lori Earley, owner and practitioner at Phoenix Rising Acupuncture, and she suggested I take it only at night, as it could make me feel drowsy.

I did not have any issues with my mood, in fact it improved when I took the CBD oil. During the week, I take it about 30 minutes before bed and on the weekends, if I’m hungover I’ll take it as soon as I wake up. Funny story – my dad was visiting the first week I started this regimen and by day 3 he was driving me nuts. So, even though I was not hungover, I took Crescent Canna CBD oil right before we went out to run some errands and it was a life saver! 

It helped me have a good night’s sleep! By taking CBD oil before bedtime, I am able to go to bed less worried about the day ahead. I also feel like I wake up less during the night; having shoulder pain and sleeping with 3 dogs (yes, I’m crazy lol) means I wake up a lot during the night. When I take CBD oil before bed I’ve felt extremely well rested – it does however make me a bit groggy if I take a full dose, so I’ve started to take about ¾ or ½ a dose.

It helps with my joint pain. The combination of acupuncture and cupping at Phoenix Rising, in addition to taking CBD oil and using the rest of the CBD products by Crescent Canna (more on these later), have definitely helped me manage my shoulder pain better. I’ve learned that when it comes to chronic pain, it takes a combination of regimens and routines to help reduce the pain but I’ve definitely noticed a different that I had not felt with traditional medicine.

These flavors actually taste good! I think my favorite part about taking this CBD oil is that it’s not like the “marijuana-flavored”bitter one I had bought in the past. Crescent Canna’s Peppermint CBD oil is my current favorite one, and it goes perfectly with my nighttime routine – I brush my teeth and top it off with peppermint CBD!

We also tested out two of the topical Crescent Canna products, the CBD Recovery & Pain Crème and the CBD Freeze Roller. The Pain Crème comes in two sizes: 2 fl oz (500mg CBD) and 4 fl oz (1000mg CBD). Both of these products are used to relieve concentrated pain, reduce stiffness and reduce inflammation that can be caused from strenuous workouts, pulling a muscle or even just sitting in the same position all day. 

cbd for pain reviews

Maggie’s Experience with topical CBD 

Because I don’t experience much chronic pain or have any injuries (at least not currently)I was a little unsure what to use these products for at first. The more I experimented with them, the more I found they could help with simple daily discomforts that I may not necessarily think of as pain. I found them helpful to,

Feel a sense of relieved tension in my neck at work. After a day of sitting at the desk and staring at a computer, the neck and shoulders always feel stiff when I get home. I find myself rolling my head around  and trying to rub the stiffness out of my neck myself when I get home with little relief. I started doing this with the cream toward the end of my day, using the roller for any more painful areas and definitely noticed a difference. I started to keep this at my desk throughout the rest of the time period as I felt like that’s where I would need it most and plan to keep it there from now on!

Ease aching in my BF’s feet after a weekend of bartending – My boyfriend/ roommate bartends on the weekends to make extra cash and if you have ever tended bar at all you know how strenuous this can be literally on your entire body. He particularly complains about the aching in his feet come Monday and will do anything (literally anything) to help. He gets pedicures with me and even got himself a pair of Skechers that I haven’t been able to let go of making fun of (LOL). He’s always bragging about how many steps he takes! I begged him to let me try to creme and roller on his feet and he did not regret it! 

Alessandra’s Experience with topical CBD 

I am loving both the Pain Crème and the CBD Freeze Roller and have applied them all over!

No sensitivity, unlike regular icy hot products. Our shoulder, back, neck and arm muscles are all connected and pain in one area can trigger all of the other areas – it’s so annoying! On days when I’m feeling particularly stressed or tense, my shoulder pain will extend to the neck. I’ve made the mistake (more than one time) of putting regular icy hot products on my neck and the skin on that area becomes extremely sensitive and even painful. With Crescent Canna’s Freeze Roller, I have not experienced any sensitivity or pain and it helps to reduce the pain in my neck and shoulder. I’ve even applied it on my wrists and knees as well after an intense workout!

It definitely calms down all of my aches. I feel like I’m 27 going on 97 sometimes! My best days are the days where I’ve had acupuncture and cupping, I come home and take it easy, drink lots of water and end the day with all of Crescent Canna’s products. The combination of all of those activities relax my muscles and my mind. I have noticed that when I’m in pain I become particularly irritable, and taking the time to do these things for my muscles has definitely paid off. #Selfcare y’all, it’s important!!

Overall, our experiences with Crescent Canna CBD Products were better than we expected! We will both be continuing to use the products and recommend them to anyone who is interested in exploring the world of CBD. The fact that the products are high-quality, pure and organic make Crescent Canna the perfect brand for both newbies or those looking for a higher-end experience with CBD. 

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Have more questions?

Comment below or visit Crescent Canna’s website for more information. If you want to learn more from the experts in person, check out the launch party taking place on Friday October 11th at Simply CBD in New Orleans! There will be CBD-infused cocktails and swag 😉