Badass Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

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Although I’ve previously said that being a bridesmaid is extremely annoying 😂😂😂, I cannot imagine getting married without my best babes by my side! They were the first to celebrate our engagement, and I know they’ll be the last women standing still dancing at the wedding celebration.

I love event planning and gift giving (I honestly should make a career out of it but maybe then I wouldn’t love it so much), so naturally, one of the most exciting parts of being engaged so far was putting together the proposal boxes for my bridesmaids! I have 2 maids of honor and 7 bridesmaids, so not only did I have the challenge of making my proposal boxes badass, but I also did not want to break the bank.

My bridesmaid boxes were very affordable, fun to put together and even included a little bit of a DIY project! If you are looking for ideas for your bridesmaid proposal boxes…keep reading,

What to include in your bridesmaid proposal boxes

I wanted to include items that they would actually end up using one day, and I also wanted to include some personalized items – I don’t know about y’all but I am more likely to use something with my name and initials than something that just says “bridesmaid”.

After lots of research on all of the corners of the internet, I decided to gift them these items in the bridesmaid proposal box,

Passport Cover and Luggage Tag (because destination wedding, duh!)

bridesmaid proposal box ideas

A face mask made by Guatemalan artisans (mine were bought in Guatemala but I’ve linked a similar style below)

affordable bridesmaid proposal box ideas

Trinket Tray

affordable bridesmaid proposal box ideas

A bath bomb in the shape of a diamond (any cute shape/color will do)

affordable bridesmaid proposal box ideas

A personalized rose gold bracelet

affordable bridesmaid proposal box ideas

A personalized Chambong (I bought the vinyls here and then DIY-ed them onto each Chambong)

affordable bridesmaid proposal box ideas

A mini bottle of Chandon brut sparkling wine

affordable bridesmaid proposal box ideas

“Will you be my bridesmaid / maid of honor” mini champagne bottle sticker

affordable bridesmaid proposal box ideas

How to package the boxes

Most of the boxes were shipped to different states and countries, so I needed something affordable and sturdy that would protect the items inside, while still looking pretty when the box arrived to its final destination!

I ended up ordering these medium flat rate shipping boxes from USPS (the boxes were free #yas, you just pay for postage) and I bought 10 lbs of crinkle paper to protect the items on the inside.

I added a layer of crinkle paper that covered about half of the box, then added all my items and topped off with another layer of crinkle paper. At the top of the box I included the save the date with my bridesmaid’s name on it! So far, all of the boxes and items have arrived safe and sound.

Popping the question to your best babes

Although I would have loved to do these in person, it’s 2020 and that wasn’t possible. Prior to sending the boxes, I either called or texted each one of them letting them know I had a little gift for them and that I would love for them to be my bridesmaid/maid of honor.

Hopefully we can all celebrate in person too, in the meantime we’ll be doing socially distanced Chambongs!


PS: I’ll soon share details on the Groomsmen proposal boxes! Stay tuned.

bridesmaid proposal box ideas