Badass Babes: A Q&A with Christine Laborde

Some women were born to do it all, badass babe Christine Laborde is one of them! 

From running strategy for an energy company to working on Wall Street and now being a successful Realtor in Houston, Christine is someone who not only sets goals, she accomplishes them with excellence!

While going through graduate school and working full-time, Christine purchased her first home which started her deep love of real estate. In her very first year as a Realtor, Christine attained top producer level across Houston. 

That’s not all! She also serves on the Dress for Success Corporate Guild, Board of Directors of Habitat for Horses, member of the Houston A&M club, LSU donor, is a neighborhood representative, plays polo, and still finds time to spend quality time with her family.

Christine Laborde Realtor Houston

We met Christine while hosting a virtual happy hour this year, and have kept in touch ever since. We sat down with her to chat about buying  your first home, because we hear it’s the next step we need to take to fully become adults!

For years I thought I couldn’t buy, my mom kept pushing me. Two years later turns out I could’ve bought what I wanted years before. Knowledge is power! 

What is the top mistake you see first time home buyers make? 

The first mistake home buyers make is not having a preapproval letter before they start this process!

It’s imperative to have a strategy, a game plan, for many things. Home buying is one! Having a preapproval is key to know what your lending power is. Yes, you could make a gazillion dollars a year, but certain purchases could dampen your lending ability. Alternatively you could have a much higher approval than you anticipated. A letter lets you know what price point you can purchase and from there you can narrow down your search, then go look at homes.

I put off obtaining a preapproval letter for years thinking I did not have the time. I felt so foolish when it took 15 minutes on the phone. 

PS: If you need lender referrals email me

How do you distinguish yourself as a real estate agent? 

I bought my first home solo and have learned so much since then! I also pride myself in having strong lenders and service providers, plus I’ve lived in a multitude of price points. All of my clients, no matter how much their budget is, receive a high level of service and are able to reach me when they call, they’re not redirected to an assistant. 

This is the biggest purchase of your life and I will be there to see you through it!

If Christmas is your jam and you have 30 boxes of decor we should look for a home with storage. Thinking about a bath renovation post purchase? I have a list of great people to provide a bid and can show you what the market favors to consider for resale. The home you love might receive multiple offers – I’ll be prepared to discuss a strategy that works for you.

Tell us about a surprising home buying fact that most people don’t know about? 

On average, you will view 5 to 7 homes before purchasing! Also, home buying can be really fun (especially with me as an agent)! Laissez les bon temps rouler! 

What would you say to those who are super busy and do not think they have time to go through the home buying process?

You’re never too busy to start looking for a home. A lot is done at your leisure before you tour homes. 

When you have a strong, full-time agent such as myself, a lot of the steps are kept moving along in the background. The buyer can be cc’d on the emails or glide through work while I handle contract to close. 

Do you have any advice for people who think they don’t have enough money to buy a house yet and keep renting for way too long?

For years I thought I couldn’t buy, my mom kept pushing me. Two years later turns out I could’ve bought what I wanted years before. Knowledge is power! 

What are your top 5 tips for first time home buyers?

1. Pick an agent who is experienced with inspections, can give you an arsenal of any professionals you could need for years. 

2.Understand your agent’s work schedule and make sure it aligns with what you want. 

3. Make a list of musts and wants before you look in person. It is easy to get sidetracked by a waterfall and forget you had to have two fireplaces. (squirrel!) 

4. Look for a home that has 80% of what you want. People build their “dream homes” and often complain about what they would change. 

5. Have fun. So many instances have happened where you just have to laugh, or run or send cell phone art. 

See babes? Buying your first home shouldn’t be scary and daunting! It’s a process but as long as you have a knowledgeable support network, you’ll be finding your home sweet home in no time!

If you’re ready to buy your first home in Houston, be sure to reach out to the baddest babe in the biz, Christine Laborde at Compass: And don’t forget to follow her on Instagram!