Badass Babes: A Q&A with Aimee Brown

Save water, drink wine.

Meet Aimee Brown: Originally from New Jersey, she moved to New Orleans eight years ago and is never planning on leaving. No really, never. Aimee came here for college and she’s been here ever since. Aimee completely fell in love with this city, hard. Who can blame her?!

Aside from giving birth to a NOLA baby two years ago, her sweet gig at NOWFE is what has kept her around in the Big Easy, and we’re so lucky to have her here. Aimee’s background is in event planning; she worked for Tales of the Cocktail in college and then was also the last NOWFE Executive Director’s assistant. Now, Aimee *drum rolls please* is the Executive Director of the fabulous New Orleans Wine & Food Experience.

aimee brown nowfe

Tell us a bit more about your role at NOWFE.

I became Executive Director this past November, and this will be my first NOWFE in this new role. I am so excited! I can’t think of a more perfect job. I am actually the only employee of NOWFE, so I wear many hats. That is what I love about this job, there are so many different things that I can do in one day. Along with my Board of Directors, we make it all happen!

Why should people attend NOWFE this year?

People should attend NOWFE this year because there is truly something for everyone. You can start out small and just do our main events like the Royal Street Stroll and the Grand Tastings, or you can go big and explore our Seminars and Experiences as well.

What is your favorite NOWFE event?

My favorite event at NOWFE are the Grand Tastings, which would technically be two events because we brought it back to two days this year! One is Friday evening and the other is Saturday afternoon so two very different vibes. I love this event because it really highlights the fabulous culinary scene in New Orleans. We also bring in wine from all over the world. Doesn’t get much better than that.

What’s your favorite wine bar in New Orleans and why?

My favorite wine bar is definitely Delachaise. Amazing wine selection but then also goose fat fries, need I say more?

aimee brown nowfe

What’s your go-to spot in New Orleans after a long work day?

Although I am in the wine industry, I am also a beer lover. I love the Bulldog on Magazine Street. It is just somewhere that I think of when I need to chill after a long work day. It has an amazing beer selection and good bar food, and I am a sucker for great outdoor seating. Plus dogs are allowed which just makes everything better.

If you can’t afford a NOWFE ticket, tell us a bit more about volunteering opportunities.

You can definitely volunteer at NOWFE! At the Royal Street Stroll, both Grand Tastings and seminars. If you volunteer, you get a complimentary Grand Tasting ticket. To register as a volunteer, please email us at, we would love to have you!

aimee brown nowfe

Red, White or Rosé?

Rosé! But my answer may change tomorrow. I am leaning towards rosé because of this hot summer weather! You can’t go wrong with rosé on a hot New Orleans day.


New Orleans Wine & Food Experience is taking place May 23-27, to learn more about the festival and their many events, visit their website.