Badass Babes: A Q&A with Savannah Taucedo

Savannah is a New Orleans native and co-founder of fresh flower experience brand, Flowers with Friends. The mobile service was founded by Savannah and her mother Courtney to bring women together to learn more about flower arranging through customized events. From flower crown making parties to bridesmaid flower arranging and recently a pop up wearable flower bar at our babes xo launch party, this mother and daughter duo do it all! Savannah has a Floral License and a Bachelors in Finance from the University of New Orleans. Her love for flowers came at a young age. She grew up in her mom’s flower shop on Magazine st. called Allegro City Flowers (now the French Truck on Magazine and Erato)!

Savannah setting up the wearable flower bar at our launch party!

I remember riding in the work van to help my mom with deliveries and wedding installs. After Katrina, my mom decided not to reopen, but we have been doing flowers out of our garage turned workshop ever since. About five years ago, we were working on a wedding when we thought, “don’t you think girls would love to make their own flower bouquets?!” That is how Flowers with Friends was born. We started out doing weddings, and since have branched out to private parties for any occasion!

What was the biggest challenge taking Flowers with Friends from an idea to reality? How did you overcome that?

The biggest challenge for us was definitely proof of concept. Just because my mom and I thought it was a good idea, that didn’t mean others would be into it. Plus, five years ago there wasn’t anyone offering the services we offer; it’s still pretty niche! We did the only thing we could do, put it out there, with as little investment as possible, and see if it worked. 

What’s your favorite flower (couldn’t leave this one out;))?

Well because i’m a florist, I get two! My favorite “everyday” flower is a sunflower. It just has the biggest head to it and yellow is my favorite color. A flower I love but only see a couple times a year, mainly weddings, is blushing bride protea. (Yes, it’s as soft and elegant as it sounds!)

Tell us about the coolest event activation Flowers with Friends has been a part of.

A few years back we did a flower bar for New Orleans Moms Blog’s Bloom event for new and expecting mothers. Every mom at the event came to our bar and made their own bouquet! Bloom is significant to me for one because it was our first flower bar, but also because I think it’s sweet to recognize everything moms do for us. I don’t think I would’ve ever worked with flowers without my mom. I wish everyone could experience bonding with their mothers over flowers!  

Any tips for arranging flowers at home for everyday or special occasions?

Yes. Buy a good pair of snips (insert my imaginary Amazon affiliate link here) and stop using your kitchen scissors! Also, consider the “mouth” or opening of the vase you’re designing in. I think the hardest part is figuring out how much you need to “green your vase” before designing. And if you don’t know what that means, I think we’re gonna need to get you in on a flower arranging party soon..

What’s the most rewarding part of getting to do something you love every day?

When someone who thinks they have zero creative ability and was forced into our parties sees their finished arrangement and you see their SMILE! It’s pure joy. I seriously can’t take any credit, I just give pointers here and there. Everyone is capable of arranging flowers!

Is it hard to run a business with your mother?? We won’t tell!

HAH! YES!!! We’re both Spanish, so when it rains, it pours. Still love her to death and wouldn’t want it any other way. Isn’t it funny how moms have that pull on us?

Savannah and her mom Courtney at their first Flowers with Friends party

What do you do to unwind from work? 

A pour of red wine that’s bigger than I’d like to admit and playing with my corgi, Einstein. 

One piece of advice for other babes who want to start their own business?

You don’t need a fancy business degree or tons of money. Just do it! You never know if you don’t try. Regret is a bitch! 

Our Pre French Quarter Fest Flower Crown Party hosted by Flowers with Friends