Badass Babes: A Q&A With Sandy Gomez

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

Born and raised in central NJ and self-described as a straight up weirdo, this marketing rockstar manages all digital marketing initiatives for Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts’ ~30 brands. Before coming to The Big Easy she worked for SiriusXM Satellite Radio and Barnes & Noble Corporate’s College Division. Sandy is not only great about what she does, but she’s also a networking maven. Plus, she knows all about the latest and greatest food and drink places in the FQ.

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How did you end up in New Orleans?

Serendipity! Kind of. After 26 years of NJ winters I was ready to escape the cold. In early 2015, I flew down to NOLA for an interview. While I was in town, I happened to meet up with a friend at The Bombay Club (where she was bartending). Some members of CCRC management happened to be having a meeting there, noticed me, and asked what kind of job I was looking for. Unbelievably, they happened to be looking into hiring for a new digital marketing role that I happened to have the perfect background for. After an impromptu interview and a few months of back and forth communication, I accepted their offer, packed up, drove down and never looked back.

sandy gomez new orleans

What’s your favorite part about working for Creole Cuisine?

FOOD. Haha. Well. It’s definitely up there. I think one of the best parts of working for CCRC is that I have had so many major experiences that I never would have had if I worked somewhere else. I also really appreciate that the Ammari’s operate the company as a family business and care about the people they employ. Starting it from the ground up – from one location to almost 30, they understand the importance of each piece and what it’s like to work through every role.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Typical is not in our vocabulary! Haha. With such a small marketing department and over 20 individual brands, there is no limit to the directions I am pulled in on any given day. There are days that I’m photographing full food menus and will be on-site at one location for 4 hours, there are days that I spend all of my time laying out wireframes for a website, or developing assets for promo pushes across every digital platform – social media, web, email, etc. The most important thing that this position has taught me is adaptability.

bombay club new orleans

Do you have any advice for young marketing professionals in New Orleans trying to find a sweet gig like yours?

Keep an eye out for postings on WorkNOLA, LinkedIn, & Indeed and start going to networking events in the city. We’re actually hiring in my department right now!

If you’re having trouble getting interviews, work on expanding your skills in your down time and get feedback on your resume. As much as the content of a marketing resume is important, the look and feel is too. Sell yourself!

Digital marketing is always changing, what do you do to keep up with all of the latest trends?

Read, read, read. I sign myself up for all kinds of digital, social and email marketing newsletters (Social Media Examiner, Digiday, Marketing Dive, etc.) and do my best to scan those for important info. It really is a challenge so I have to be proactive about it. I am also a part of a great local community for social media marketers, the Social Media Group. We meet regularly to discuss tools, trends, organization, etc. that really help us all learn from each other.

When you’re not working or hosting an event for the restaurants, what’s your go-to spot around town?

I usually stick to the French Quarter (since I’m there for work) or Uptown. You will definitely catch me at Erin Rose, Tchoup Yard, The Bombay Club, & Patrick’s Bar Vin on the regular. Possibly all in the same night.

kingfish happy hour

What’s your go-to lunch spot in the French Quarter?

Crescent City Pizza Works! If you have not tried a slice of Chizzaburger, you have not lived.

Don’t judge me.

Tell us about the best happy hour deals at Creole Cuisine restaurants!


  • Curio [ Mon-Fri 3-6PM ] – $4 Sparkling Rosé, $6 Curious Cocktail (changes daily), Beer Specials $2.25-$3.50
  • Kingfish [ Daily 2-7PM ] – ½ Off All Brews & Wines By The Glass, $5 Small Plates, $6 Cocktails
  • The Bombay Club [ Mon-Fri 4-7PM. Sat-Sun 3-7PM ] – $4 Select Beer, $5 Select Wine, $6 Select Cocktails, $4 Small Bites
  • NOSH [ Daily 4-7PM ] – $0.50 Louisiana Oysters, $5 Small Plates, $4 Craft Beers, $5 Craft Cocktails, $6 Wines
  • Boulevard American Bistro [ Mon-Fri 3-6PM ] – ½ Off Select Wines By The Glass, $7 Select Well Cocktails, $3 Beers, $7 Small Plates
  • Broussard’s [ Mon-Fri 4-7PM, Sat-Sun 2:30-7PM ] – $5 Small Plates
  • Flamingo A-Go-Go [ Mon-Fri 4-7PM ] – $2 Select Beers, $4 Select Wines, $5 Select Flocktails, $5 Appetizers

One thing you can’t live without?

Pizza. Yeah, I’m basic.

pizza new orleans

One last piece of advice for networking / meeting people in New Orleans for people who’ve just moved here?

There are so many group activities and networking events in New Orleans – definitely get involved as many as you have interest in. I like to attend Young Professionals meet ups and hospitality-related events because they relate to my current role – you never know who you will meet and what kind of partnerships or relationships you will develop. This city is very small!

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