A Babe’s Guide to Applying for Jobs in NOLA

With graduation season upon us, we’ve decided to put together a guide for all you freshly graduated babes out there! Whether you’re looking to stay in NOLA and work after graduating from a local university, or want to make a move to the Big Easy to start your career, the job scene is thriving here as of late.

Here’s what you need to know to land your dream job in New Orleans:

Perfect Your Resume

We know this is something you’ve likely been told, but it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to make your resume stand out, and be a true reflection of the best experience you have had – even if it’s very little.

Here’s a few tips for perfecting it:

  • Remove unnecessary information such as where you went to high school, volunteering you’ve done and the fact that you know how to use Microsoft Word (no offense, but this is a skill that should be assumed at this point!) Remove your address especially if you’re putting your resume on an online portfolio – only your email address is necessary today.
  • Make sure any past experience you have had translates into skills that that would be useful in your industry. For example if you’ve had an internship where you’ve managed social media for a company, don’t just say “experience using Facebook or Instagram,” but give specific examples of how you have used it. I.e. “Coordinated an Instagram giveaway from start to finish that received more than 100 entries and grew the company’s social media by 55%.”
  • In terms of design, make your resume stand out with a modern pop of color or font, but make sure it stays professional. Always print a few copies on nice paper (not regular computer paper) to bring to your interviews.

Babes tip: To make yourself stand out even more, create an online portfolio, showcasing work you’ve done, and include the link in applications, and on your resume.

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Network, Network, Network

You’ve heard it before, in New Orleans it’s all about who you know. You don’t have to be a member of organizations like The New Orleans Chamber to attend their events. Joining organizations specific to the industry you want to be in is a smart move as well. We know it can be intimidating, but luckily, like everything here, networking in NOLA is a little looser than in other cities. Calm your nerves with a drink at these events (not too many babes), look for company names on name tags that would be a good fit for you, walk up, and start a conversation! This is the absolute best way to meet people.

Babes tip: If you don’t have a job yet, get personal business cards to hand out at events like this

Know Where to Look

Don’t waste your time searching sites like Craigslist. You will spend hours scrolling through jobs that may not even be legit. We have found the best resource locally to be worknola.com. Their job listings are updated frequently, and searchable by industry or position type. The resource is widely known so you will find listings from most of the top companies in town. Other than that, check companies you love websites for updated listings, and don’t be afraid to send a cold outreach e-mail asking if you can get coffee a member of their team to introduce yourself if there’s nothing there.

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Be Confident and Informed

We know it’s intimidating to go on interviews, but be confident you got this! Your confidence will make you stand out as a person. If you don’t know the answer to a question, just be honest, but mention that you are eager to learn new skills like the one asked about. The fact that you are being genuine will show. Of course, it’s important to be informed about the company you are interviewing for and even the people who are interviewing you. Knowing things like recent recognitions they have received, or work they are currently doing for their clients that you can mention in the interview, will give you major points.

Babes tip: Follow the company and employees on social media leading up to and after the interview, and interact with them when appropriate. (Don’t get too stalker-ish with this)

Follow Up is Key

Send a follow up e-mail and a handwritten thank you card if you can’t decide between the two. Too much follow up could look desperate, but an initial thank you and a check in a couple of weeks later are totally appropriate and will help your chances.

We hope this helps babes! If you have any questions, feel free to comment or shoot us an email. Best of luck!