The home decor we need now and where to get it

I recently moved into a new apartment and all I can think about now is shopping for stuff to decorate and make my place into home. My free time is pretty much spent scouring the Internet for the perfect finds that meet my aesthetic and budget standards.

I had collected an array of fun colorful items during my travels the past couple of years to Mexico City, Marrakech and Tulum that I wanted to incorporate into my space. Luckily, Moroccan inspired interiors have pretty much become the new norm, so finding everything I wanted to complement the few things I was working with at an affordable price was not a difficult task! I’m sharing the items I had to have for my new place and where to find them.

A Moroccan rug

A rug was one thing I couldn’t fit in my suitcase on my way home, but luckily Moroccan inspired decor is very in right now so it wasn’t hard to find something close to what I had in mind. The one I ended up settling on was less than $100 at Target which is an unheard of price for a rug. Ideally I’d have something a little higher quality, but at my budget this one does the trick. It feels a bit synthetic to the touch, but by appearance is super cute in my space. If you are looking to splurge, I included a little bit of a higher end one from West Elm as well as another affordable option on Amazon.

Stick on Wallpaper

My new place doesn’t get a ton of natural light and all of the walls are painted the same darkish taupe color which doesn’t exactly help brighten things up. I really wanted to brighten up the bedroom. Because I rent and can’t paint the walls, I figured stick on wallpaper would be the perfect way to do this! The wall I wanted to do is pretty large (and the ceilings high – New Orleans for ya!) so this did end up costing about $130, but I think it was worth the investment. Now I don’t even really need to hang anything on the wall! There are tons of cute prints to choose from at Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Wayfair, but I found the gold and white geometric print I wanted for a little cheaper on Amazon.


I don’t have to tell you that jungle vibes are so hot right now! Millennials are having kids later and practicing on house plants instead (lol)! Obvs, having the chicest planters to put our houseplants in is a must. They make all the difference in adding style to a room. I’ve gotten several good ones from Target and also found great options at World Market, Urban Outfitters and on Amazon.

A Decorative Ladder

Surely you have seen these in the living room of every lifestyle blogger. We can’t help but jumping on the bandwagon of this cute way to store blankets in the living or bedroom. At such a great price, the ladders serve not only as storage but as a decorative accent!

Anything Rattan

Think cuter versions of your moms old wicker porch furniture, rattan is an absolute must right now. Whether it’s a bed frame, an accent chair or a coffee table, a rattan piece is sure to add boho style to your palace. Every adult(ish) home needs an accent chair so I snagged a cute rattan accent chair locally from Nadeau. There’s lots of cute ones online too!

Bar Cart

A bar cart is a must for the modern babe! I mean everyone needs to be able to whip up a craft cocktail on a whim, right? It also serves as a chic display for all of your liquor and glassware. Hostess with the mostest! Ok, I’m not a huge Wal Mart fan but at $69, I could not pass up this bar cart that looks identical to a more luxury brand!

Anything Palm (or plant) Print

With indoor plants having a moment, it’s no surprise that jungly plant prints are so big right now and it’s understandable why. The print adds instant character to a room. I snagged a palm print shower curtain from Amazon to add some fun to my bathroom as well as a beautiful linen throw pillow cover, both at amazing prices that make even more amazing accents.

Tropical shower curtain