My Playa del Carmen Bachelorette Party

I don’t even know how to recap the best bachelorette I could have ever asked for but I will do my very best. This post is waaaay overdue but right after my bachelorette I had to deal with postponing my wedding, and with a terminal cancer diagnosis for my beloved Bojangles who left us in February of this year.

To be honest, I wasn’t in the biggest bride mood for the longest time but my wedding is finally 6 months away and I have been asked many times in the recent weeks for my bach itinerary so it’s time to finally write this post!

Why You Need a Bachelorette Planner

First things first, GET. A. BACH. PARTY. PLANNER.

Planning a bachelorette party is a big undertaking, and burdening a friend with this task is A LOT to ask for! On top of that, although surprises are nice, each bride knows exactly what they want and don’t want for their bachelorette and having a bachelorette planner removes all the guess work and actual work from your friends’ plates!

Additionally, you’ll have a PRO planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip and ensuring that all things go as smoothly as possible.

Lastly, lots of bachelorette planning companies offer payment plans, and with bachelorette parties being $$$, you can’t just ask your friends to shell out $500 in one sitting! Jet Set Bachelorette made everything so easy and I highly recommend her services to any bride or bridal party.

Gifts For Your Bach Babes

Knowing that my friends took time out of their busy calendars, PTO and spent quite a bit of money to come celebrate me, I just had to get them a little something to thank them for being there with me. Plus, I love gift giving and had so much fun putting together these Bach Babe kits for my best friends!

Pure Luxury Organic Reusable Rounds & Pure Luxury Dye-Free Organic Face Mask: Jenny Patinkin. Evie Gold Hoop Earrings in Pink: Kendra Scott. Tied Up Scrunchies: Xo Fetti. Fringe Beach Hats: Five Below. Babe Hats: Babe Wine. Bikini Bags: Five Below. Hand Sanitizers and Silk Scrunchies: Amazon. Personalized Towels: Walmart + got them embroidered separately.

I’m also extra glad I put these together because we had a hurricane in the Gulf South region days before my bachelorette and none of my bachelorette party package decor or swag came in the mail on time.

#BabesTip: It’s good to always be #extra and have additional items in case the unexpected happens!


My bachelorette party took place during Labor Day weekend, although it’s sometimes more expensive to fly over a holiday weekend, it’s also much easier for your friends to travel when they have a long weekend!

Day 1

Thursday was kind of an unofficial Bach party start day. Not everyone could make it in on Thursday but some of the girls could only find flights that went in on that day, so we started the party a little extra early.

Where we stayed: Aldea Thai in Playa Del Carmen. The location was perfect, the condos and resort were beautiful and it was quite affordable, however we experienced terrible service throughout the whole weekends so would not recommend you stay with them during your Playa Del Carmen bachelorette.

As we waited for everyone to arrive, we checked out a taco joint next to Aldea Thai, we had cantaritos, tequila shots and some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever had! Once everyone arrived we got ready for dinner and checked out what is in my opinion THE BEST RESTAURANT in all of Playa Del Carmen: Primo Playa

We all had a long day of travel, and after our amazing meal we went back to the condo to have a bit of wine and called it an early night.

Playa del Carmen Bachelorette itinerary

Day 2

We woke up on Friday and had breakfast at the condo. We then had the most fun pool day at our condo + lots of tequila! The two last Bach babes arrived late at night and we got ready for dinner at Cantina La Veinte – a super fun, upscale Mexican restaurant with live music. After dinner, we obviously were not ready to go home and we checked out one of the hottest clubs in Playa, Mandala.

Playa del Carmen Bachelorette itinerary

The end of that night was like straight out of a musical, everything closed around midnight because of COVID restrictions, and as we went back to our condo groups of people started joining us, we were playing a bachelorette dares game, and we just met some really cool groups of people. After we got to our condo we afterpartied with another group staying at Aldea Thai – we never saw them again but they were so much fun!

Day 3

Waking up on day 3 was a STRUGGLE. We had to get COVID tests bright and early because they were required for the beach club we were going to + required for our flights back. Somehow we managed to get ready for what has been the best day probably EVER at Coralina Daylight Club. You really can’t go to Playa Del Carmen and not party at Coralina – it’s hard to describe but it’s the most fun place ever.

Playa del Carmen Bachelorette itinerary

#BabesTip: Highly recommend ordering Moet Chandon bottle service, you might even get a surprise or two with it 😉 Thanks to my friend Aimee Vidaurri who could not make the trip but sent me the most fab bubbly surprise!

Coralina is expensive, plan on spending at least $200/pp but you’ll be there the entire day and they also have food.

You won’t have much energy to do much after a whole day in Coralina, plan to order in some food or grab a quick bite for dinner.

Day 4

You think you can’t top a day at Coralina but we still had more fun activities planned! Our last day was spent on a yacht party with PlaYacht – our trip included a full bar, as well as food during our trip. We had sooo much fun on the boat that we ended up extending our trip a few more hours. The crew was so much fun and attentive to our needs, I’m ready to go back for another yacht trip!

Playa del Carmen Bachelorette itinerary

After getting back to our condo, we had a private chef dinner at our condos. Tulum Chef Spirits made the most fabulous dinner and I’m still dreaming of his mashed potatoes.

This was seriously the most fun girls trip I’ve ever been on. My friends are truly the best and although many didn’t know each other, we all got along so well and had a blast!

The TikTok Recap

Got Playa Del Carmen or Bach questions? My DMs are open 😉



Playa del Carmen Bachelorette itinerary