6 Things To Do 6 Months Before Your Wedding

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Hi babes! It’s been a while – life has been busy, at times overwhelming but overall I can’t complain. I meant to write this 2 months ago, as I now only have 4 months before my wedding day. Time is flying!

2020-2021 have been some interesting years to plan a wedding, but even with all of the hurdles and last minute changes, I’ve enjoyed every second of it. As the countdown begins, I’ve realized there are some things that although are not at the top of a bride’s to-do list – they do need to happen months before you say I do!

Select Your Wedding Jewelry

Unless you have family heirlooms to wear, you’ll need to find some fabulous pieces to go with your gorgeous gown to complete the look. Although I considered treating myself to an expensive pair of earrings, I found an even better solution: renting diamonds I could never even afford for the event at Verstolo.

bridal rental jewelry

Renting with Verstolo is so easy and affordable, but you do have to book your virtual appointment months in advance to secure the pieces you want. I had my virtual appointment a few months ago, and y’all even helped me narrow down my options – I’ll be renting a gorgeous pair of earrings and a diamond bracelet. The pieces will be shipped to me a few days before the wedding (they are fully insured btw!) and I’ll return a few days after.

Find A Health Routine That Works For You

I’m all about embracing your body (not all of us can look like Kendall Jenner) but I’ve always been self conscious about my arms. I realize they won’t change overnight so I’ve been incorporating daily (or every other day lol) workouts in my health routine and have started to slowly see results! I have a Peloton (follow me at @alessbracelona!) and I love the variety of workouts available there, most which you don’t need a ton of additional equipment for. If you’ve bee thinking about getting a Peloton…DO IT! I also have a $100 off code for you (I’ll get $100 in apparel credits if you use it – it’s a win win):


I’ve also supplemented my Peloton workouts with the most amazing workouts, tailored specifically for brides from my friend Olivia C Fit! Olivia is a Badass Babe who resides between NOLA and Seaside, FL and can kick your butt in even the shortest of workouts. She’s given me a code to share with y’all so streaming her workouts will be only $9.99 a month:


I’ve also been mindful of my eating habits – not that you have to lose weight for your wedding but if you are wanting to shed a few pounds the only way to do it really is via calorie deficit. I try to eat as healthy as possible and have slowly transitioned into limiting my alcohol intake, it’s not fun but it works.

Don’t Neglet Your Skincare Routine

If I’m paying thousands of dollars for photos, they need to be the BEST photos of MY LIFE and part of that involves having my skin look its best. I’ve been religiously using these products for the past year, as well as getting monthly facials:

Want more skincare product inspo? Check out this post with Maggie & I’s favorite products.

Re-Review Your Wedding Budget

You’ve probably already forgotten about many of the items you’ve given deposits for or bought – take a couple of hours to review your wedding budget, what you’ve paid for and what you still owe to get your finances in check. The closer the wedding gets, the more you’ll want to add last minute and if you’re on a strict budget you need to keep a close eye on it!

Book Your Wedding Menu Tasting

This has been by far my favorite activity of wedding planning (and probably the only part my fianc√© has actually enjoyed). With the crazy wedding boom we’re experiencing these days, booking your wedding menu tasting will likely take more coordination that usual. Remember, wedding venues/planners/catering are busy on the weekends, and you’ll likely have to do this during the week which involves coordinating with work!

The earlier you book this, the easier it’ll be to plan + make any major changes to your wedding menu.

#ProTip: Eat a light meal throughout the day so you can truly enjoy all of the food and drinks during the tasting. Also, be honest about your likes and dislikes – remember, you’re paying big bucks for this food so you better LOVE IT.

Check In With Your Bridesmaids

I think many brides forget but you (and maybe your mom) are the only one obsessing over your wedding.

Your friends and family are of course excited for you, but that’s not what they think about 24/7 and that is perfectly okay! Therefore, you should check in with your bridesmaids with all of the important things to make sure they haven’t forgotten about any major items,

  • Make sure they’ve gotten their dress (or at least have an idea of what color/style they need to buy).
  • If you’re having a bachelorette party, check in with them on whether the dates that work for you also work for them and if they’re comfortable with the plans and budget.
  • If you’re having a destination wedding (and/or bachelorette party), make sure everyone’s passport hasn’t expired. People tend to forget about this since we haven’t traveled much in the past year and processing times for a renewal are long AF!
  • If you’re having a welcome cocktail/rehearsal dinner, make sure to communicate that in advance if you expect your bridal party to be there for that.
  • Check in how everyone is feeling in general, life happens and some people may not be able to attend your events or even the wedding. That is perfectly okay but just encourage that flow of communication.

The countdown is officially on and I cannot wait to continue sharing more wedding happenings with y’all!