6 Myths About Joining a New Gym

If you’re like us, your attempt at a “balanced” lifestyle may weigh a little heavier on the indulgence side. Eating and drinking all of the things is basically our favorite hobby, but sometimes that can make fitting in our favorite jeans a challenge.

Trying to stay fit in between work, events, a social life, and traveling can be tough and hitting the elliptical at the gym can become mundane, making it harder and harder to talk yourself into doing it. However, joining a gym centered around a fitness cult favorite like spin, yoga, or cross fit can be very intimidating –  or so we thought.

As all good babes do, we vowed to become healthier in 2017, and with that we faced our biggest fears, and joined a local cycling, power yoga & TRX gym called Higher Power. We were pretty nervous to say the least. Could we give up our lifestyle and commit to the long hours the other members at Higher Power were putting in to stay so toned? What we found as that it wasn’t as scary as we thought, and we may have been over reacting (just a tad;))

Myth #1

If I’ve Never Done Yoga Before, I’ll certainly fall down and make a fool of myself, and end up in child’s pose quietly crying for the rest of the class. Also I will pass out in a heated room and die.


We are certainly no balance experts, and thought we would be falling all over the place while all the pros struck the perfect pose every time. In reality, we have found ourselves getting better and better with each class. The instructors do a really great job of creating a non-judgement zone, encouraging yogis to dust themselves off and try again after a fall. Babes, the heat level in this room ain’t got nothing on that Louisiana summer heat you’ve been surviving all these years. Believe us, the sweating will feel great! And this is no Bikram yoga – the temps are nothing you can’t handle.

Myth #2

I’ll constantly be surrounded by model types, and be self conscious about my body, feeling intensely guilty about the cupcake I succumbed to earlier this week.


At Higher Power, you will find people in all ranges when in comes to fitness level. From those who go to the gym for 2+ hours a day, and then there’s people like us who like to stay healthy during the week, but don’t drink kale for breakfast every day.

higher power nola

Myth #3

Those straps in TRX are terrifying and look like some medieval torture contraption. I’m sure I could never do that.


TRX is great for toning and not too aerobic if you’re not feeling super energized. The straps are easier than they look! They actually help you to do difficult movements that you may not be able to otherwise do like a push up, and challenge your balance, agility, and core which will complement the other things you do in life.

Myth #4

I can’t do spinning because I haven’t ridden a bike in years, or I don’t have any of those cushiony shorts, or my legs are weak.


No, kinda no and no. Riding a bike and spinning are not synonymous. Yes, your butt will hurt after the first couple of times in spinning, but you will get used to it, and maybe just maybe actually enjoy it!

Myth #5

I can’t do any of these workouts because I have suffered some sort of athletic injury in the past.


Yes you can. The staff at Higher Power are super hands on. Just talk to them and tell them about your body, and they will provide you with modifications if needed. They don’t bite!

Myth #6

If I join this gym, I will have to be on a super strict diet to fit in.


Modifying your diet will definitely help,  but you better believe we are still indulging in weekend brunch and bi -weekly (ok, sometimes tri-weekly) cocktails and still seeing a huge difference in our strength and bodies. There are so many great new places that offer healthy, yet delicious meal choices like The Daily Beet right around the corner from Higher Power.  Plus, these people like to have fun too. Check out this awesome crew from the wine bike ride we hosted last month. Stay tuned for the beer ride!


So babes, the moral of the story is do not by any means be intimidated to come work out with us at Higher Power, or any other gym in the city for that matter! Having different types of classes to choose from spices up your routine, and the results pay off much more. While dining and boozing still remain two of our favorite hobbies, living a balanced lifestyle in the Big Easy is not impossible. Got tips for staying fit, and still living a full life of carbs, all the festival food and more? Let us know in the comments!