5 Reasons to Visit Houston Right Now

Houston is hot right now. There is an economic and cultural boom happening in the fourth most populated city in the United States and you need to see it! If you haven’t been to HTX, now is the time to visit. Need a few reasons to visit? We’ll give you 5!

1. Because Harper’s Bazaar said so

Houston was named #5 of the 20 best places to visit in 2020 by Harper’s Bazaar! “In many ways, Houston is kind of like Dubai, using its wealth earned from the region’s natural assets to import high culture, like state-of-the-art museums to world-class performing arts centers.” Not to mention, they also praised the good food in the Space City, “you’ll be hard pressed to find better Vietnamese or Mexican cuisine anywhere else in America .”

visit houston in 2020

2. Did we mention the food?

Houston’s restaurant and bar scene is BOOMING. New places are poppin’ up left and right in this big city, you’ll discover amazing food trucks and you’ll even find that gems from other cities (like Portland’s Voodoo Donuts) are now opening up all over Houston. Let’s not forget about the classics, they are just as good as the new spots! Fajitas from El Tiempo, anyone?

If you like good food, good drinks and good times, Houston is for you.

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3. Do it for the ‘Gram

Get ready to go over 100 likes babes, Houston is SO GRAMMABLE. From fabulous murals all over town, to the many installations made for you to take photos at like Color Factory and Movietopia , you’ll leave Houston with pictures to last you at least a year worth of ‘Grams.

color factory houston

4. It’s an affordable vacation spot

I was just in New York City and paid $18 for a glass of wine, and that was the cheapest one on the list! In Houston, you’ll be able to ball out while being able to stick to a reasonable budget; with plenty of hotels in the different areas of town, you’ll find reasonable prices for accommodations. You’ll also be able to find tickets at great prices to fly over to either of our two airports.

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5. The Houston Rodeo is coming up

Want to live and breathe Texas culture? Come during the Houston Rodeo y’all! There will be fried foods, there will be cowboy boots, there will be great concerts and amazing times to be had. The Houston Rodeo takes place from March 3-22, 2020 and it’s an event like no other!

reasons to visit houston 2020

What are you waiting for? Start planning a trip to the Bayou City ASAP.

As always, if you need more reccs feel free to slide into our DMS 😉