5 Reasons to Choose Personal Training

We get asked a lot how we stay fit when we spend most of our time eating and drinking. The truth is we have to exercise just as much as the next person to be able to maintain our health and lifestyles. We’ve just about tried it all when it comes to working out in New Orleans. From yoga to cycling to running races, but lately we’ve started working with a personal trainer at Salire Fitness & Wellness. It’s been so perfect for us, and we can’t recommend personal training enough.

Motivation & Accountability

Not only do we keep each other motivated because we have been doing duet sessions, but our trainer motivates us throughout our entire workout. It’s easy to slack off or skip a class when there’s not someone to hold you accountable so having someone that’s watching closely and expecting you to show makes all the difference.

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Individualized Attention

It’s really awesome to have someone who actually understands your body, what you can and cannot handle and when to push you. With our 2:1 sessions, the focus is on us the entire time so our trainer lets us know when to course correct, to change resistance or offer a modification right away. We are able to talk to our trainer anytime about nutrition, if our heart rates are healthy, or anything else going on with our bodies.

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Cardio, strength training, trx, pilates – our personal training sessions are full body workouts. Every workout is completely different so we never get bored of doing the same routine over and over. Plus, the variety helps the time pass quickly!


Ok, probably the most boring one to say, but it’s important. Our trainer is always there to  make sure we don’t drop a heavy weight on our face, or do something too strenuous that could result in a pulled muscle or injury. We can openly talk about what feels good and what doesn’t. Plus, our heart rates are being monitored the entire time so we don’t reach dangerous territory.

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Last, but definitely not least, the results of personal training for both of us have already been amazing. It’s helped us both drop a couple of pounds, look toner and feel stronger and more confident. We can’t wait to see what’s to come!

We really believe that Salire Fitness is the best choice for personal training in New Orleans because of their attention to client safety, client satisfaction and client success! Plus, the price is right compared to other personal training sessions with duet sessions start at $30 per person and individual at $40.

Salire also offers other work out options like their group boot camp classes in City Park and running groups. Learn more about their services here.

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