5 Podcasts We Are Listening to Now

On the commute to and from work, on road trips, and even at the gym or work (we won’t tell:)), podcasts have become the go-to way to fill time. From true crime to celeb interviews to politics, the genres are as vast as your Netflix account. Which means that you can also spend hours searching for the perfect podcast. Hopefully our current favorites will help you narrow down your list. Or maybe they will just add to it!

Crime Junkie

We never thought we’d be a part of the true crime obsession, but sure enough, we’ve been sucked in to the overwhelming number of TV shows, podcasts and more. Crime Junkie was founded by two true crime-loving women who also happen to be best friends which makes us partial to the podcast already. But, the two are also amazing story tellers. From serial killers to missing person cases that remain unsolved, the podcast has been covering lesser-known to the most notorious of cases in amazing detail since 2017.

Not Another True Crime Podcast

Sorry not sorry for including two true crime podcasts in this roundup, but what can we say, we’re a little obsessed. Not Another True Crime Podcast by Betches is a lot different than Crime Junkie though. Think crime meets comedy. It’s hosted by Sarah Levine and two comedians that make for a hysterical banter and tons of getting off topic that are reason to listen in itself. This podcast also covers cults, MLMS and scams in addition to your serial killers and murders which are surprisingly a fun time!

How I Built This

Take a look into how all of you favorite brands actually came to be in NPR’s How I Built This. The interviews with founders of companies from Soul Cycle to Framebridge to Airbnb are a great place to learn from the best if you hope to start your own business one day or are in the process of it. They are also interesting and inspirational listens if you aren’t.

Diet Starts Tomorrow

And another nod to Betches. We can’t help ourselves. Diet starts tomorrow is hosted by Betches co-founders (aka our idols) Aleen Kuperman and Samantha Fishbein. The podcast covers all things weight loss, mental health and fitness from the no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who understand the struggle.

Nola Famous

Of course, we saved the best for last! Tatum Garden’s Nola Famous podcast has quickly become the podcast to be on and listen to in New Orleans since she started less than a year ago! From artists to musicians, chefs and entrepreneurs, she’s interviews the people who contribute to making New Orleans the greatest city on Earth. Be sure to check our interview 😉