5 Healthy Habits to Start in 2019

Every new year, most of us make resolutions that end up being a temporary pledge rather than a lifelong change in habit. In 2019, we encourage you to start incorporating more healthy habits into your daily routine that you’re dedicated to sticking to. Start by adopting these simple but effective healthy habits to see a difference!

healthy habits for 2019

Drink water in the morning

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water each day, it’s basically ingrained in our brains at this point. But drinking a cold glass of water each morning before you eat or drink anything else actually has so many health benefits. After sleeping all night, most of us will wake up a little dehydrated. Drinking a cold glass of water right when you wake will start by re-hydrating you and kickstarting your metabolism. It can even give you extra energy and aid in digestion for the rest of the day. Add some lemon or other fruit infusion for extra flavor and vitamins.

Stretch in the morning and before bed

Many health and wellness gurus swear by incorporating morning stretches in their daily routine to get themselves to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. After sleeping all night in a curled up or sprawled out position, it’s not uncommon to wake up a little stiff. By stretching right in the morning, you’re helping your body get back into position and avoid aches or pains for the rest of the day. Additionally, you can do yoga stretches to wind down before bed and help you have a better sleep. This is a simple habit to add and doesn’t take long at all!

Bring on the fiber

Our gut affects our body in more ways than you may realize. Roughly 97% of Americans are deficient in fiber, an issue that can wreak havoc on our digestion and ability to maintain a healthy gut. As a result, you may notice more acne breakouts, weight gain, and an overall feeling of sluggishness. Incorporate more fiber into your diet through beans, vegetables, whole grains, or through a supplement.

Sweat it out

In the words of Elle Woods, “exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy..” Burn some calories at couple of times a week and you’ll be happier and healthier, guaranteed.

Journal your thoughts

There are so many benefits of journaling on a daily basis that can make you a healthier person. Journaling can help you become more mindful by focusing on your thoughts and feelings and getting them all out on paper. It can even help you plan and achieve your goals as well as improve your memory. Each day, try sitting down to journal for about ten to fifteen minutes, or for however long feels right to you. You’ll start slowly seeing a change in your overall mentality over time.

Take your vitamins

Not all of us get our daily dose of vitamins and minerals through our food, and because of this, we need to take vitamins or supplements to make up for it. Start by taking a women’s multivitamin with biotin every single day for improved health. Fish oil pills are also great to take to get your omega-3s, which help with moodiness, inflammation, and heart health! For more essential supplements women should take every day, go here!

By implementing these five healthy habits in 2019, you’ll start to feel better and happier. Remember to make this into a lifestyle change, rather than just a temporary fix! The impacts will be more beneficial the longer you keep up with it.

We’ve got this babes, let’s get healthier in 2019.

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