5 Fun Activities For Memorial Day Weekend

I cannot believe Memorial Day Weekend is here, and that June is around the corner! This week marks the 10th week since the world as I knew it changed; I’ve been working from home, I haven’t been able to make it back to New Orleans since Mardi Gras, and I had to cancel all of my upcoming travels.

Usually, I have a trip or fun activities planned for Memorial Day Weekend since my boyfriend’s birthday is on May 26th; this year, we will be winging it and trying to do what we can to have fun and relax, while maintaining social distancing + abiding by CDC recommendations.

If you’re on the same boat as I am, and want to enjoy this Holiday while staying safe, here are some activities I recommend for this weekend,

1. Take a road trip

Although some people are starting to consider flying again, I personally feel like you’d be safer traveling by car. Find a destination that is within driving distance from your city and take a day trip or weekend-long trip! Sure, you might not have exciting beaches or major cities near you but you’d be surprised by the places you can discover on a road trip.

memorial day weekend 2020 ideas

While doing some research on road trips near me, I stumbled upon the Roadtrippers App and it’s the perfect companion to planning your trip. You can also hop on to Google and search “road trips from [INSERT YOUR CITY]” and find great itineraries and destination suggestions.

Don’t forget to pack road trip snacks + make a good playlist for the road. Be sure to bring a mask with you, you’ll need it in case you’ll be making stops along the way.

2. Cook a fancy meal at home

If you’re not comfortable venturing out to eat at a restaurant just yet (and that’s perfectly fine – you do you, boo!), why not recreate a restaurant experience at home?

memorial day weekend 2020 ideas

Not only is cooking an adventure itself, but it can be a fun bonding activity for you and the people in your household. Start by thinking of your favorite meals and restaurants, and use that as inspiration for what recipes you’ll be searching for, here are some of our favorite blogs and websites to find recipes:

Don’t forget about dessert! Here are some of our own recipes I think would be perfect for your fancy at home meal,

I recommend you go all out – set your table nicely, buy some flowers for a centerpiece and dress up before you sit down to eat!

PS: If you’re looking to get creative, try turning this occasion into a fancy at-home picnic.

3. Try going to a restaurant

If you are comfortable leaving your house (while practicing social distancing, abiding by CDC recommendations & willing to follow a restaurant’s rules), going to a restaurant will do wonders for your mood! Seriously…in the past week I’ve visited 2 local Houston restaurants and it feels like having a bit of normalcy back.

memorial day weekend 2020 ideas

My tips for visiting a local restaurant this weekend,

  • Check their website and social media for their procedures. Most places will require you wear a mask, some places require reservations now and some even have restrictions on how many people can be in your party. Read up on their policies to come as prepared as possible.
  • Upon arrival, look around and make sure they in fact have social distancing measures in place. You’d be surprised how many places won’t have their sh*t together, and I suggest you leave those places to keep yourself safe.
  • Be extra kind to restaurant workers, they’ve been out of work for months and they are doing the best they can to give you a wonderful and safe experience.
  • When you arrive and when you leave, wash your hands or carry hand sanitizer with you.
  • Truly enjoy yourself – we haven’t been able to indulge in a restaurant meal in months!

4. Have a pool day at home

Going to a hotel pool or country club (if that’s even possible in your city right now) does not seem the best way to stay socially distanced and safe in my opinion. Recreate the experience in your backyard or front yard with your own adult kiddie pool, boozy treats & pool day food!

memorial day weekend 2020 ideas

Here are some must haves for a successful at-home pool day,

5. Finish a home project you’ve been putting off

As I get older, part of relaxing for me includes doing something productive while I have time off. During quarantine, I’ve had a lot of time to finally get my house how I want it (I’ve rearranged furniture, I’ve saved up for patio furniture, upgraded my dining room table during the Wayfair sale, etc) and it’s been so rewarding!

If you’ve been meaning to declutter your closet, or if you want to add color to an accent wall in your home why not take the extra day this weekend to do it?! Work hard, play hard babes.

A few ideas to keep you busy and productive,

  • Throw out clothes you haven’t worn in the past 6 months and donate them to charity.
  • Clean out your fridge and freezer, you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll find that should have been thrown out a long time ago.
  • Vacuum and dust your entire home.
  • Pick a room to redecorate and build out your wishlist! Need some inspo? Check out our favorite Home Items on Amazon.
  • Check the expiration dates on your beauty products – you’ll also be shocked at the things you’ve been hoarding.
memorial day weekend 2020 ideas

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, babes! Have a safe and socially distanced holiday + encourage your loved ones to do the same


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